On Tuesday 25th August 2015, Fitbit forayed in the Indian market by launching its popular fitness bands namely Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge.Though the Fitbit family also includes products like Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One, Fitbit Zip and the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale but the aforementioned three bands are the most sought after ones.

About Fitbit 

Fibit was one of first few companies to launch health bands. They ventured in the year 2009 and by now they have sprawled over 43 countries by selling more than 20 million units. Fitbit encourages fitness by offering a collaboration between your body metabolism and software which can be easily accessed via a mobile app or an online dashboard. These devices are designed in a way that they are accessible of all the major operating systems like Android, Windows, MAC and personal computers.

Why Fitbit ?

Currently we have a lot of health bands available in the market but there are certain features which sets Fitbit apart from every other health band, the below pictures depicts it all.


Product Launched

Fitbit Charge: 

  • Tracks distance traveled, calories burnt, steps taken along with the time.
  • Comes with an OLED screen to display all-day activity stats.
  • Waterproof, textured design with a battery life of 7-10 days.
  • Available in black and blue colors.


Fitbit Charge HR

  • Possess all the features of Fitbit Charge.
  • Tracks heart rate, all day activity and detects automatic sleep.
  • Battery life of up to 5 days.
  • Available in black, plum, blue and tangerine colors.


Fitbit Surge:

  • Smartwatch functionality along with GPS, PurePulse and heart rate tracking.
  • Mobile syncing features helps in showing route history, elevation, speed and workout details.
  • Batter life of up to 7 days.
  • Available in black, blue and tangerine colors.


The launch was successfully carried out by Fitbit’s Chief Revenue Office Woody Scal along with tech guru Rajiv Makhni and Director of Men’s Health Jamal Shaikh. Rajiv Makhni spoke very highly about the health bands in terms of technology used to sync the body’s daily activities with the software. Jamal Shaikh vouched for the health bands by saying that the bands inspire you to stay healthy by keeping you in touch with a bigger online community of health enthusiast. With such eminent personalities vouching for these health bands, they would definitely be worth a buy.


Apart from knowing about these health bands, I was also looking forward to meet few of my friends from the blogging world. It is always great to meet them in such events. Here is a happy picture of all of us.


What are your views on the emerging trends of health bands ? Would you buy one for yourself ? Drop in your views, I am all ears.

I was invited to the Fitbit Launch by Indiblogger.




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