It has been two days since I am back from my tryst with the mountains and I still cannot get the scenic views out of my head. Being physically back to civilization has very less to do with your mental wandering. Every now and then I take a quick break from work and scroll through the pictures in my cell phone. No matter how much I tell the world as to how magical and mesmerizing the views were,but nothing can do the justice to the visual treat that my eyes had.

 Mountains have something magical, they are calm, serene and yet capable of creating a cyclone in your head. They awe you by their beauty and you are left speechless thinking how bewitching nature can be. There were moments when I just stood still to capture every whit of it in my mind body and soul.

Though I cannot take you there physically but I am sure these pictures will give you a hint of the visual flavor that I had tasted. I have got few postcards from mountains for you. I am sure you will be enticed with incredible combination of blues and greens.


Mountains under the shade of the clouds, notice the various shades of green that this picture has.


A group of mountains covered by the clouds.


This one is my personal favorite. It has every element which makes it perfect for a postcard photo. Notice the gleaming ice covered peaks.


The mountains at the back and the fresh lush green in the front and the blue sky at the top.


Even the rusted electricity pole was worth capturing with the enthralling view at the back.


The holistic view with the prefect blend of blues and greens.


The colorful plastic covers of the wrecked shop gave a nice contrast in the picture.


Ending the postcard series on a softer note with the thick bunch of trees in the front and the strong mountains at the back. Don’t miss the blue sky with fleeting white clouds.

I hope you had a nice time looking at these postcard photos. Have you been to mountains recently and if you just said yes, please share your experiences, I am all ears.




  1. Beautiful pictures Ruby!! Apt title and a very precise description of the mountains. They keep lingering in your mind even when they are out of sight.

  2. Thanks Ruby.. for this awesome article… your pics surely reminds of my 2012 trip to Himalays with my friends on My Bike… oh! good Old time… now i am married.. so all the fun and excitment has fainted away by the time i grow up.. i really missed that old time… but anyways thanks for these beautiful Memories.

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