I wrote a lot of adages to give this post a kick start but then I struck it all off. I still don’t know how and where to begin with this much debated topic involving the choice between equality and specialty. Often I am referred to as an ardent feminist who is always ready to rant about women equality and empowerment. Yes I am a feminist but in no world it gives me the right to demean the men fraternity. Men and women are different. There is no such criteria which can determine the superiority of one over the other. So if I am asked “do you want to be treated specially or equally?” I would just smile and reply  “I wish to be treated equally”.

We live in a patriarchal setup, and no matter how much we argue that is not going to change. The image of women in this society was stereotyped to stay at home, spend their lives doing the household work and taking care of the kids. With time the image has changed, yet a lot to be done but things are better than before. A lot of women still only dream about the life they want to live, they don’t have the means to fight it out. A women spending her days at home is treated very specially in terms of all the comforts available at home but all she desires and longs for is equality.

If you sit and ponder over it, you would realize that at every crucial stage of a women’s life the desire of being treated equally is way more important and needed than being treated specially. How about taking a walk around a women’s life and its timelines.

A newborn

“I have just born, don’t kill me or disown me just because I am a girl. A boy wouldn’t have done wonders and I am not bringing shame either. I want the equality in terms of having a life.”

A five year old

“Just because I am a girl, that doesn’t mean I am any less eligible for school. Don’t cuddle me by keeping me at home, I want to go to school just like my brother goes. I want equality in terms of fundamental education rights.”

An eighteen year old and out of school

“I want to go to college just like my elder brother goes.  Just like the school education wasn’t enough for my male siblings, it isn’t enough for me too. I want equality in terms of choosing the higher education for myself.”

A twenty two year old out of college

“I want to go out and work. I don’t want to sit at home and use my degree as a highlight on my bio data for the wedding proposals. I want equality in terms of opportunities.”

A twenty six year old and working

“I want to marry when I am ready, not when the society is ready to accept my changed marital status. I want equality in terms of deciding if and when I want to get married.”

A twenty eight year old and married

“I want to continue working even after getting married. Household is not just a women’s responsibility. Being a married women doesn’t make my career any less significant than my husband. I want equality in terms of employment continuation.”

A twenty eight year old and married with kids

“I want to defy the existence of any rule book which says kids are more of a mother’s responsibility and less of a father’s. Hasn’t I been through enough already while bringing the kid in the world. I want equality when it comes to parenting and raising kids.”

Every individual is special in its own way. Often women are perceived as less lucid when it comes to stating what they need. It isn’t a rocket science to figure out that what women want is equality first and everything else is way below than that. God has been fair by creating both men and women then who are we to discriminate. Let us all strive for equality and make this world a better place for both men and women.

“I’m blogging for the India Today Woman Summit 2015 #WomenPower activity at BlogAdda.”




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