Comedy is a difficult stunt to pull off. Getting someone emotional is very easy as compared to getting them laugh their heart out. We humans have grown into a way too evolved species and it takes a lot of effort to even bring a smile on our faces.

“You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at,” Tina Fey.

Even though we know how difficult of a task is comedy but still there are few people who have excelled in this arena. While there are some veteran comedians there are many newbies as well who are trying to make their mark in the comedy business. The social media has helped various budding stand-up comedians in reaching out to a wider audience. YouTube has been a great source for these comedians to showcase their talents.

The concept of incorporating comedy and comics in everything has boomed like anything. There aren’t just numerous stand-up comedy videos on YouTube but the same can be spotted over popular websites as well. It is a good way to glue the visitors to your website. For instance recently the popular lifestyle website has come up with a “Stand-Up Comedy” feature in their website. Before saying anything further first have a look at their Stand-up comedy section here.

The Stand-Up Comedy section of showcases some ace stand up comedians like Kanan Gill, Gursimran Khambha, Ashish Shakya, Aditi Mittal, Vir Das, Vipul Goyel, Tanmay Bhatt, Rohan Joshi, Praveen Kumar and Abish Mathew. The aim of the website is to promote Stand-Up Comedy and invite more and more people to come forward and show their talents.

The idea is to encourage Stand-Up Comedy by motivating more and more people to come forward and take part in their comedy hunt, which is the biggest hunt for the best Stand-Up comedian in India. If you are a comedy enthusiast you can make the most out of this opportunity and if you know someone who would be benefited by this then spread the word. If you visit the Stand-up comedy section you would see a lot of videos of some ace comedians giving tips on making a good comic video.

Stand-up comedy isn’t an easy stunt, it requires courage and boldness to step up in front of an audience and compel them to laugh. If you have the wit and humor that this hunt is looking for then you should definitely step up. For more details on the same visit Stand-up comedy section on their website.

Till we meet next, keep smiling and laughing.




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