“Internet is contagious and nothing good is ever going to come out of that data pack that you get in your phone every month” something that my mother used to say very often to me. Parents are old school, they still like their conventional ways of getting things done. While internet and parents are a tricky combo but the scenario is slowly and gradually changing.

I distinctly remember the times when my father used to prefer booking the train tickets through the ticket window at the railway station rather than booking it online because he didn’t trust something he couldn’t see. But now he often calls me to assist him with the online bookings. I was surprised to another level when the other day he asked me check for various Redbus offers and Zoomcar coupons available online so that he could grab a good deal. I was shocked to know that he was aware about the existence of these coupons too. I realized that he has started embracing the power of internet.

Fathers are still more open to technology and science whereas mothers prefer their own tried and tested approach to every aspect of life. When I told my mother about online shopping she got irked and suggested me not to spend money for something that you cannot feel and touch while buying. I agreed to her on the fact that we should spend our money wisely. One fine day I cajoled her into buying a dress material that we had already spotted in the market some days before. She was still apprehensive but eBay gave a good first impression by delivering the dress material on time. The quality was the same as we saw in the market and on top of that we got some discount as well. Since then she has become open to online shopping and yes she is a wise shopper.

During my recent visit to my hometown I was telling how all websites are getting converted into apps and her reaction was I spend enough on these websites don’t introduce me to this app thing. But women are women and she sat by side and looked into it. Just to amaze her a little more I ordered some groceries and other household stuff from Grocermax and Grofers. Since it was the first purchase I looked up for Grocermax Coupons and Grofers Coupons and to my good luck I found some good ones online. Thanks to them we got good discount and more important than that my mother was elated with the quick delivery and quality of the groceries.

Parents will never rely on internet as much as our generation does but they aren’t closed to its existence anymore. They have started realizing the significance of internet in the everyday life. What gives me solace is that they are open to idea of internet being around and curious to learn its various aspects.

This is a sponsored post but the feelings conveyed are purely genuine. 




  1. Nice post Ruby. There is no denying that the internet has shifted the power into our hands and changed the economy to a sharing one… not to mention that our moms are now more comfortable with FB and Whatsapp than us 😉


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