If we talk about weekend getaways from Delhi then there is no dearth of places. Surrounded by states like Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh, a drive of 7-8 hours will definitely take you to some place nice. If we talk about Uttarakhand then places like Moussoire, Nanital and Dhanaulti takes away all the glory. But what took me to surprise was my weekend visit to Kanatal. The place is an absolute delight and a balanced amalgamation of natural beauty and pleasant weather. After getting back from the trip I could think of many reasons as to why Kanatal should be your next weekend getaway.


Easy to get there : When we talk about weekend getaway we don’t want to get into the fuzz of commuting complexities. After all weekend has just two days. Kanatal is located at a distance of approximately 300 kilometers from Delhi. The nearest railway station and airport is in Dehradun. From Dehradun, Kanatal is just 2-3 hours drive away. And if you are the kind who loves to drive then you can also drive all the way to Kanatal. The scenic beauty and the cool breeze will be your constant companions.

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Nature’s Paradise: The mountains and the hills have their own charm irrespective of where they belong. Kanatal offers you lush green forests, pine tree covered mountains and a peaceful stay. Every where you look you will be astonished by the vast varieties of flora and fauna. A stroll to any nearby village will give you even closer look at its natural treasure. Away from the maddening city life this place would rejuvenate you with its cool breeze and picturesque natural beauty.


Wishful Weather: Mountains always have the best weather to unwind and relax. Kanatal allows you to soak yourself into its tranquility and serenity. While the weather is pleasant in summers and chilly in winters, the zenith comes during December-February when the whole Kanatal is covered with thick white snow making it look like a white wonderland (as told by one of the locals there). So basically you can head to Kanatal at any time without worrying about the climate conditions.


Not Commercialized: All the popular hill stations in India are now very commercialized and experience heavy influx of tourist during the season but if you are the kind who loves to have a tryst with untamed and unspoiled beauty then Kanatal is the place for you. People often head back from Dhanaulti as they think there won’t be anything good further but just a few kilometers ahead and you can experience the untouched and unscathed beauty of Kanatal. It isn’t a regular tourist spot but it sure is one of the best offbeat getaways in north India.


Take a break: This is probably the most important reason why anyone should hit the hills and mountains. The fast pace city life doesn’t allow you to relax and get close to nature. Working like machines for the five days of week we owe this break to ourselves. Away from the scorching heat, heavy traffic, polluted air and unbearable humidity a quick visit to Kanatal will revive all your senses and reset all your biological functions.


I hope I was able to convince you to visit Kanatal, and if you were don’t forget to thank me later.

Have you been to Kanatal? If yes share your experiences with me, I am all ears. Till then keep travelling.




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