Festivals are around the corner. The nip in the air has already triggered the holiday fever in me. Can’t wait to get back home and spend some time with my friends and family. It is going to be myriad of laughers, fun and frolic. Along with all other things the most exciting part of festivities are gifts. Who doesn’t like gifts, I guess none. Festivals are a great occasion to shower your loved ones with gifts and thus begins the infinite waves of confusion of finalizing the gifts. So this Diwali keep aside all the conventional and trite gifts and surprise them with the gifts of experience and memories with Giftxoxo.com. Are you scratching your head wondering what I just said then head to Giftxoxo.com and explore the gift options of experiences and memories. Yes, you heard it right, you can do that now.

Credit: http://www.giftxoxo.com

Studies show that people tend to enjoy and remember an experience more than a materialistic gift.

Credit: http://www.giftxoxo.com
Credit: http://www.giftxoxo.com

The experience might get over but the memories remain fresh in heart forever. Giftxoxo.com believes in the same ideology and hence they have come up with various options for all your wishes and desires. How about getting a thrill pack go carting session for your adventure loving sibling, a soothing pottery session for your creative mom, a relaxing spa for your father and a short weekend getaway for your grandparents. Wouldn’t that be just awesome? When they come back they will just not smiles on their faces but stories to tell. Giftxoxo have galore of options to offer in the area of adventure, quick getaways, culinary delights, health and wellness activities, creative hobbies and a lot more. So basically you will definitely find something for everyone in friends and family.

Credit: http://www.giftxoxo.com

Gifts make you happy and the joy of giving is like no other joy. Just going through the website made me curious and I thought why didn’t someone thought of this earlier. My smile would go ear to ear and happiness would go leaps and bounds if someone gifts me anything which would add to my experience and memory repertoire. I will jump like a kid if someone gives me a weekend trip as a gift. I am sure you feel the same. It is human nature, we like to embrace the art of living an experience than possession of some materialistic item.

Credit: http://www.giftxoxo.com

So this Diwali give your loved ones the gift of memories which they will cherish all their lives. Don’t let those chocolates and Ladoo boxes take away all the glory. Head to Giftxoxo and start choosing right away, don’t forget to thank me later.

So “Is Diwali aap kise kush kar rahe hai ?”

This is a sponsored post but the views expressed for the website are purely genuine.





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