On a lousy Saturday evening when you don’t want to do the usual household chores and definitely not visit the mall to run some errands, where do you go, well I ended end up at a historical place. Since Delhi is bestowed with many historical monuments there is no dearth of choices and I zeroed down to Humayun’s Tomb. Of late I have been witnessing many blog posts and Instagram posts around Humayun’s Tomb so the itch of visiting the Tomb was burgeoning since long and when I got a chance I decided on Humayun’s Tomb in no time.

Closer look of Humayun's tomb
Closer first look of Humayun’s tomb. The pigeons added so much to the picture.

After tackling a short queue for tickets I got in. There is one thing which is common across all the heritage sites, they all have great history and interesting stories attached with them. As much as I wanted to hire I guide, to my disappointment I couldn’t find any. As I entered the main gate I saw that the area was very well maintained and tidy.

Entrance look from the top of Humaun's Tomb
The look of the main path way as you get inside the Tomb. This was taken from the first floor of the Tomb.

As soon as you walk across the main path way you will have to climb up stairs to get to the first floor of the tomb. After reaching there I took a stroll around the tomb and took pictures of the tomb from all corners. The architecture of the tomb is such that it was symmetrical from all sides. I love the reddish brick color of all the historical sites. The below gallery will give you the glimpse of the Tomb from all the four corners and few other shots from varied angles.

After taking one complete circle around the Tomb I went inside and saw the main hall which houses Humayun’s cenotaph. The actual grave is located underground exactly below the cenotaph.

The main hall at Humayun's Tomb with the Cenotaph

The architecture inside the tomb was also very symmetrical. The main hall showcases high ceiling and various geometrical patterns.

Ceiling of the main hall of the Humayun's Tomb
Ceiling of the main hall of the Humayun’s Tomb

Another interesting and intriguing part inside the main hall was the cutouts made on the marbles and were acting has partial windows.

Sunlight from the Jaali structure

After roaming inside the main hall for quite sometime I decided to head out. The sunset view from the Tomb was mesmerizing. I couldn’t do justice to what I saw but still I tried to capture the moment.

Sunset at Humaun's Tomb
The orange Sun setting amid the scattered blue clouds. The pine trees added to the view.
Towards the exit at Humauns
Towards the exit. Various hues in the clouds made me click this picture.

That was all about my short and sweet visit to Humayun’s Tomb. Have you visited this historical site, tell me about your experience.





  1. I have been wanting to go to this place for a long time now. Hope it happens soon. Great captures! You got good cloud formations too.

  2. One of the things that I like most is visiting historical places. This article based on your personal experience of visiting Humayun’s Tomb was truly a mesmerizing one. You have written so beautifully about the historical place with the help of the clicks that I wish to see this place soon.

  3. Very beautifully written. I feel like visiting this place right now. It is written straight from the heart. Would like to read more.
    Also it’ll be great if you would visit Caliedoscope.in which is a cultural magazine that intends to collect interesting experiences and unique information on niche subjects.

  4. Amazing. The way you have explained it triggered a thought in mind to visit. Moreover the element of your personal experience have made this article very interesting.


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