My stay with The Terraces was an unforgettable experience. The warm hospitality is still fresh in my memories but what really got me hooked was the kind of experience I have had in those three days. I unveiled a beautiful destination Kanatal and I can go on and on as to why Kanatal should be your next getaway destination. Building a luxurious resort isn’t a big deal but curating an experience around the same is definitely an uphill task. Lunch at Saur Village in Kanatal was one such experience for me. It gave me the opportunity to peek into the local’s life very closely.

A bunch of houses in Saur Village
First look of the Village from the road.

No wonder the resort had myriad of food options right from the breakfast to the dinner but our itinerary had one meal booked at the home stay in Saur Village. It is a small village with handful number of people who live in their own world, do their own chores and more than anything they were content and happy.

A regular day in local's life
We spotted locals doing their daily chores.

After a scenic drive of around two hours we reached the village. Surrounded by huge mountains, lush green trees and potpourri of vegetable farms Saur Village was definitely a quaint part of Kanatal.

Drive through the scenic Saur Village
The scenic drive which got us to the Village

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Every whit of the village and its surroundings were picturesque. I tried to capture every bit of it from every possible angle. After sometime we were taken on a tour of the homestay. The rooms were equipped with all the necessities and they surely looked inviting.

Front section of the homestay
Homestay at Saur Village
Lobby area at Saur Village
We got up the ladder to take a closer look.
Homestay Room
The rooms equipped with all basic amenities.

After the tour we were served our lunch in the garden area of the home-stay. The caretaker later told us that all the dishes were made of the fresh farm picked vegetables.

The lunch area at Saur Village
Our luncheon table, loved the earthy feel of it.

Soon as we finished our lunch we were supposed to make a move. Some of us again went on photography spree. It was hard to turn off the camera. While heading back I spotted a bunch of women relaxing in between their work. I asked if I could click their pictures, one of them immediately said yes while the others were very shy to pose.

Ladies during their break time

Have you ever visited such a quaint little village? Share you story with me, I am all ears.





  1. I have not stayed in a village as such, but was at my in-laws’ place last month in a valley near Anandpur Sahib…so that way i’ve been exposed to the calmness such small places have 🙂


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