There are times when we come across hacks which become life saviour and I had one such moment very recently. I was packing bags for a new destination (details will be up soon) and since the stay was for a month I ended up with two bags instead of one. In between the packing spree my mother called up to check on the progress and just after a minute she asked me if I had locked the bags properly. Okay, now that’s a good question. I am not very fond of locking the bags with a small conventional lock and to my rescue both my bags were equipped with inbuilt TSA locks. With a breath of relief I told my mother that I have taken care of the locks and she doesn’t have to worry about it.

After I hung up I started fiddling with lock and to my surprise I couldn’t figure out the way to reset it. I looked inside the luggage for any key which might assist in resetting the lock but it was all in vain. I struggled for some time and then I turned towards the mighty Google for ultimate help and assistance and in just two minutes I knew how to reset the lock. I found it very useful and hence I thought of sharing it with all of you. Because I am sure you all will face such a situation in your life at least once. They say “Benefit from other Experiences”, that’s exactly the aim of this post, I want you all to benefit from my learning and experiences.

Below is a step by step process to reset the lock in your luggage:

  1. Most of the luggage comes inbuilt with the TSA locks, mostly located on the side of the bag. Locate the TSA lock and find out the reset button on it. Generally it is located at one of the sides of the lock and reset it by pressing it with a pen or a pointed object. You will hear a click sound as soon as you reset the lock. Please note that the little key slot area visible on the TSA lock is not the reset button. The airport security has the key to that lock so that they can unlock you bag in case of any emergency.

TSA Lock 1

2. After resetting the lock now it is time to enter the number combination for the lock. Make sure you remember this combination as later the same will be used to unlock the luggage.
TSA Lock 3

3. The final step is to push the button at the end of the lock. You will hear a click sound and that means you are done with setting up the lock for your luggage.

TSA Lock 2

Now all you have to do it zip up your bag and put the both the zippers in the two slots available on the lock. Once you press both of the zippers inside the slot your bag is locked. Now change the combination to any other number so that it doesn’t remain in the open state. Now every time you wish to open the locks just enter the combination that you had set up in step 2 and push the side button, your bag will open immediately.

With the above three basic and simple steps you can now easily set up the TSA lock of your luggage. Don’t forget to thank me later.

Till then happy travelling and happy blogging!




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