Postcards From London

I have come back from London with tonnes of pictures and memories. I can’t help but think about the beautiful city all the time. I keep browsing through the pictures that i clicked there every now and then. I can still feel the chill of the air and the energy of the city. I knew I will write something about the city but the pictures compelled me to do something else. So before starting with any stories about London I present to you some postcards from London. These pictures will include some of the touristy clicks and a lot of random clicks as well.

I am starting with this picture of London Eye. This is my favorite from the London Eye stock. This giant wheel gives you the holistic view of the city.

London Eye

This is a closer look of the London Eye’s pod from another pod. They have specific photo zones in the pods wherein you can stand and click some nice shots, also when the ride is about to end they ask you to come to the photo zone so that they can click your picture. You can later purchase the picture from them.

London Eye Capsule

The next I have some pictures of Big Ben. The below picture showcases the London Bridge, Thames river, Westminister Abbey and the Big Ben. Big Ben looks amazing after the sunset, the huge clock glows and you can clearly spot the fine detailing done with bright gold color.

London Bridge and Big Ben

The detailing of the clock is very intricate and you can totally imagine the level of craftsmanship involved in this iconic landmark of London.

Big Ben Close Up

The next is one of most popular attractions of London, the London Tower Bridge. I can never forget when the audio guide introduced it as one of the most powerful bridge in the world. I am not sure if it is powerful or not but it surely was spectacular.

London Tower Bridge Complete

The below picture was clicked when I was on the London Tower Bridge. If you see it closely you will notice the fine work of the tower, the architecture was oozing out royalty and the blue color complemented it very well.

London Tower Bridge

Talking about London how can we miss its trademark red color bus and telephone booth. The below picture showcases the old bus which are very handful now, spotting one of these buses might not be very easy.

London Red Bus

After that we have the the legendary Big Bus London which is by far the most opted way of going around London. I did this tour too and I highly recommend it to everyone. Hop on to the bus and enjoy the beautiful view without any hassle.

Big Bus London

These telephone booths are located at every nook and corner. If I may speak out my heart here, every time I saw one of these it reminded me of Shahrukh Khan. If you understood why then superb and if you didn’t then move ahead to the next picture.

Red Telephone Booth London

Apart from all the main attraction London streets are also very picturesque. Every street has a different architecture and you would want to capture every brick and wall of it. Since Christmas is around the corner the streets were beautifully decked up.

London Street

You can also spot a lot of interesting statues and street art here and there. There were so many statues after every half a mile that after a certain point I lost track on all of them. A good place to get some good shots of popular statues would be Trafalgar Square. I don’t have much pictures from that spot and the few didn’t work out well for this post.

London Street Art Street Art London

The next picture doesn’t really qualify to the postcard category but I really enjoyed clicking these agile Penguins at SEA LIFE London Aquarium. I loved watching them diving into the water and then coming out of it.

Sea Life London

If you go for the London Big Bus tour then you get a complimentary ticket for the cruise ride where they take you around the city and you sit back and enjoy the chilly air and splendid view. The below picture was taken when I was waiting for the cruise ride.

London View From the Ship

The below picture is from the Hyde Park I loved the fall colors and the barren branches of this huge tree.

Hyde Park

Apart from the above postcard shots there were many pictures that I wish I had clicked carefully. Few shots were taken hurriedly and so it got blurred, for few I didn’t get time to get off the bus and few more like that. Few pictures that I regret not taking are of Buckingham PalaceSt Paul’s Cathedral and Trafalgar Square. Apart from it I also wanted to capture the extensive train network of London, I had clicked some but none of them came out the way I wanted.

You can never get enough of London, there will always be something left to explore. I am hopeful that I will return to the magnificent city and complete all the left business.

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  1. Well written ms ruby.. I just got a share of yiur post by one of our common friend. I could not hold back to check it out.
    Keep it up.. me waiting for my London trip

  2. Can you suggest places to stay and eat , planning my first solo trip to london in mid jan, is,jan is the proper time to visit? What other cities can b covered alone with london if you hav 13 days

    • I wont be able to suggest you on hotel options but you can check their bread and breakfast (BNB), they are good. 13 days is pretty good time to explore London. You can also cover cities like Oxford, Bath, Cambridge and Winsor if you have time.


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