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Christmas has gone, New Year has already commenced and hence the festivity in the air is dimming with every passing day. All we can do is sit back and reminisce the time of revelries. One such memory that I am not able to get off my mind are the sights of starry London Streets. Every nook and corner of London City is click worthy but a special mentions goes for its streets. I mostly visited London on weekends as it was quite far from the place where I was putting up. Weekends are always busy and so were the streets of London.

London city is full of energy and on a normal weekday you can spot a wide variety of people clad in thick long coats and stylish mufflers. You would also spot some daring women wearing minis in the chilling winters. I used to shiver whenever I spotted someone like that, wonder what they were high upon. 😀 Of all the streets my favorite was the Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus. You must be wondering why calling it a circus, that is because it has a round open space at the junction of the streets. Well I can go on and on about the grandeur of it or maybe I would do a separate post on it but for now I want to give you a glimpse of how the streets looked during the festivities.

There were different decoration for all the streets, lanterns being common almost everywhere.

The first one features an interesting combo of their popular red buses and the glittering lanterns.

Lantern decoration on London Streets
Lantern decoration on London Streets

The second picture showcases very unique decoration based on design of peacock feathers. This one got me hooked and I was honked by a car as I was standing in the middle of the road to click this. And I am not proud of it. 😛

London street decoration

The third picture is all about the lit up triangular structures on the roads. They looked interesting too.

Decorated London Streets

The next in line is gold dominated and the whole setup reminded me of Diwali don’t know why. The interesting part is that they put in so much hard work for such a starry show on the streets.

Starry London Streets

Now the remaining pictures are all about the colorful and lit up lanterns on the street.

London Street lit up

Glittery streets of LondonThe last picture is not exactly from London street, this is from a street close to my hotel.

Decor on London Streets

I cannot deny the existence of better pictures of London Streets but these are very close to my heart. On a chilly afternoon the fun of walking on London streets is thrilling in its own way. Often you remember things because you have memories attached to it and same goes for these photos, after all company does matter.

Did you enjoy these pictures?

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