The Not So Haunted Bhangarh Fort !

Bhangarh Fort, this way please !
Bhangarh Fort, this way please !

Going to Bhangarh Fort was an impulsive decision and I am glad that we decided to take that hasty road trip to Bhangarh. The journey started from Noida and after two hours we touched down Bhiwadi and post that we entered the Alwar District in Rajasthan. I had heard a lot about Bhangarh Fort and how it boasts the title of one of the most haunted forts in India. The inquisition to see the fort and experience the paranormal forces was always there. By the time we reached Alwar it was already dark and we knew after sunset you cannot enter the fort, not that we were scared but simply because it isn’t allowed. We retired for the night and decide to leave early for the fort.

We were putting up in Itarana area and it took us around three hours to reach the Bhangarh Fort. Important to mention that we stopped in between to capture the yellow mustard fields and unique scarecrows along the journey. It was lush green and the golden yellow mustard fields after every few miles kept the excitement on for the whole journey.

Lush Green fields and Scarecrow, enroute Bhangarh Fort

After reaching the fort we parked our car and without waiting even for a minute we walked in through the huge entrance of the fort. Just as we entered the fort there was a Hanuman Temple at the right hand side and I wondered how come this place is haunted. We had just walked a little and I spotted another temple and later I found out that there were many temples inside the precincts of the fort. I thought maybe these temples are established to keep away the negative energies of the ghosts.

Walking in Bhangarh Fort
Walking towards the entrance of the Bhangarh Fort
Entrance Bhangarh Fort
The grand entrance to the Bhangarh Fort
Temple in Bhangarh Fort
Temple in Bhangarh Fort
Temple at Bhangarh Fort
Temple in Bhangarh Fort

At the very outset it wasn’t scary at all and the main reason was the broad daylight and the crowd, so much for the long weekend during that time. So yes even if we wanted to feel a little spooky there were no chances of it. One thing that really surprised me was that there were no guides outside the fort. Considering its popularity in the list of haunted sites I was expecting that guides would pour in from all directions to offer their services but it was a complete let down in that context.

We pranced around all the sections of the Fort. It was fun getting into narrow lanes of the fort and then coming out witnessing nothing but just the ruins.

Spooked Bhangarh Fort
Spooky Bhangarh Fort
Ruins of Bhangarh Fort
Ruins of Bhangarh Fort
Remains in Bhangarh Fort
Remains in Bhangarh Fort

There are many stories around Bhangarh Fort as to why it is haunted, you can find all of them on internet but I am not sure which one is true and which one is fictitious. As much as I don’t want to discuss these not so authentic stories I want to talk a little about the historical background of Bhangarh Fort. So let us first take a plunge into the history of Bhangarh fort. At the outset whatever information I am going to document now is courtesy Google. Coming back to the history, Bhangarh fort was established by King Bhagwant Das. He had two sons, the elder one Man Singh and the younger one Madho Singh. Madho Singh had lived and ruled Bhangarh all his life and he decided to name this city as Bhangarh after his grandfather whose name was Bhan Singh. So now you know how Bhangarh got its name.

Picture perfect at Bhangarh Fort
Picture perfect at Bhangarh Fort

 While wandering through the ruins and remains of the Bhangarh Fort we finally perched at the top. You can get a holistic view of the fort from the top. You can see the whole fort in one frame from this point.

View from the top at Bhangarh Fort
View from the top at the Bhangarh Fort

Once you see all parts of the fort there is nothing much left to do in the fort. So after clicking some more pictures we decided to make a move.

I am being clicked and I know it !
I am being clicked and I know it !
Happy and elated me !
Happy and elated me !

Have you heard of Bhangarh Fort ? Do you believe the stories around it ? Would love to know your experiences with this fort, I am all ears.

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  1. As far as I know, there is some spookiness about that place.In our own Delhi, such spooky places exist and I have written about them in my blog.Nothing is impossible in this world.Nice read.

  2. After visiting Kuldhara we have assured ourselves that the appearance and stories what we hear from people makes a place creepy and haunted! Although from the pictures of the fort ruins and hallways gave us an eerie feeling!

  3. I hadn’t heard of the place till I read your post. I am reading more of travel blogs these days. Suddenly, I have this new found interest in seeking out travel destinations.
    Loved the clicks and the account:)

  4. Pertaining to the history and the curse that fell upon the place, it is said that negative energy grips Bhangarh. I have never been to the place, but want to. It may feel spooky at night, bcz it is deserted and the negative energies are strongest at night. But I wonder, if the place was cursed, how come it has greenery around. Strange na? Nice post 🙂 Keep sharing.

  5. Have heard lot about the haunted place, but does not seem like so from your account.
    And by the way, I loved the squirrel pic. 🙂

  6. I totally agree with you, the fort is not soo haunted, but that is only the case during daytime. However there are many paranormal activities that have happened in past, most of them took place after sunset. Otherwise its a very nice place to spend some time with friends and family.


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