When I Went Dining At Dadhikar Fort!

Main lawn area of Dadhikar Fort
Main lawn area of Dadhikar Fort

I am not a food person. I eat to live and I don’t understand food much either. But when it comes to curating an experience, even if it around food I am always up for it. So dinner at Dadhikar Fort happened after a tiring day at Bhangarh Fort. After we came back from Bhangarh Fort we were tired and didn’t want to do anything which would required even an ounce of energy. Dinner was something we had to do anyways so we decided to make it a little more special and memorable by dining at Dadhikar Fort.

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We had made reservations in prior and I highly suggest you do that too in case you ever go to Dadhikar Fort for dining. It makes things convenient and fuzz free. From Itrana it took us around an hour to reach the fort. It was all lit up and the I could hear the Rajasthani folk music from the entrance. We walked in and the place was beautifully decked up. I like the rustic texture of forts and with a little make over they can look really beautiful and that’s exactly the deal was with Dadhikar Fort.

Walking towards the Dadhikar Fort.
Walking towards the Dadhikar Fort.

Towards the entrance of Dadhikar Fort

The pathway towards the main door was illuminated with colorful lights. I liked the white rangoli patterns made on the sides of the pathway. We stopped for a while to watch the folk dance which was already going on. There are fixed hours for those shows and in case you want to enjoy them you should reach accordingly.

Stunts during Rajasthani Folk dance at Dadhikar Fort
Glimpse of the fire stunts during Rajasthani Folk dance at Dadhikar Fort

When we reached the entrance we were welcomed by a gigantic door. It was huge , I had to tilt my head all the way to back to have a complete look.

Entry gate of Dadhikar Fort
Entry gate of Dadhikar Fort

We walked in and we were told that there was still some time left for dinner. So we decided to roam around and see every nook and cranny of the beautiful fort. The lights were really doing wonders to the look and feel of Dadhikar Fort. The colorful bougainvilleas were also adding to the charm of the fort.

Seating area at Dadhikar Fort
Just so that you don’t get bored, there were some recreation options too. Again I love the rustic look and feel.
Center area of Dadhikar Fort
Just as we walked in we saw this part and it instantly became my spot.
Center hall of Dadhikar Fort
My favorite spot in Dadhikar Fort.

After roaming around for quite a while we decide to go to the terrace. As I climbed up the stairs I saw that there were rooms with unique names and later I discovered there were many rooms in the fort and you can actually book and stay there. They also help in planning tours in and around Alwar. There are wide varieties of rooms with all the amenities so if you want to experience the royalty beyond just food you can book your stay with them as well. Let me tell you beforehand it is a little pricey but royalty is never cheap.

Dadhikar Fort from the terrace
Main lawn area of Dadhikar Fort from the terrace.
Rooms at Dadhikar Fort
The royal rooms at Dadhikar Fort

We spend a lot of time on the terrace. Talked about random things. What got me hooked was how intelligently they have used the old heritage buildings to promote tourism and of course generate some revenues as well. We stood under the open sky until we were summoned for the dinner. We came downstairs and made our way towards the dining area of Dadhikar Fort. The nicely arranged and decorated dining area got a twinkle in my eye.

Dinner table at Dadhikar Fort

My dinner table at Dadhikar Fort
My dinner table at Dadhikar Fort

To the left you can see the beautiful dining table where we dined at the Dadhikar Fort. When we entered we were welcomed with a sumptuous spread of Rajasthani delicacies. The buffet consisted of authentic Rajasthani dishes like Daal, Baati and  Churma. Just in case your aren’t a big fan of this cuisine they also had Pasta and Noodles. Did I like the food ? It was okay, not that great and not that bad either but my friends didn’t think the same. They were very disappointed because the food was vegetarian which we didn’t know beforehand. It was a huge disappointment for my meat lover friends. We paid Rs 770 per person for the buffet which was again too much for a vegetarian buffet. I was still okay and content but I could sense the dissatisfaction in every one else’s behaviour.

We left the dining area after contenting ourselves with the available options. We went to reception area to make the payments and again we were disappointed with the unprofessional conduct of the hotel staff. He didn’t know anything. We wanted to inquire more about the room tariffs and other services but he just had no idea about anything. To add to all this  they didn’t accept cards which was again weird because nobody carries this much cash these days. We somehow managed to pay and then we decided to call it a day as we had to leave for Sariska Tiger Reserve early next morning. To know more about the deals and offers at Dadhikar Fort you can visit their official website here.

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  1. I too went there during my stay at alwar. The food was really pathetic.. i bet one can find delicious daal bati churma roadside for max 100 bucks and not only daal baati churma but soups and other main course dishes were not even close to my expectation. They have just tried to copy Neemrana fort style but failed terribly!

    P.S – *All that glitters is not gold*
    I hope you understand what i am trying to say 🙂

  2. I have stayed at this place. ..and the rooms are gorgeously done.the place is worth a stay and with their fold dances it becomes even better!!


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