Rann Utsav at Rann City

As I approached Kutch I could spot multiple hoardings by Gujarat Tourism welcoming the guests to the Rann Utsav. In no time I could hear “Kuch din to gujariye gujrat mein” in the deep and magical voice of Amitabh Bacchan in my head. I was excited to the core as I wanted to attend Rann Utsav since long time and finally the day was here. I had read about it so I had a rough idea about how it is going to be but little did I know. The grandeur of the Tent City left me speechless. With my eyes wide open in amazement I kept looking around as we drove in through the main gate. I could see from the gate that it has so much more in store for me.

Welcome to Rann Utsav

A Little About Tent City

The coordinators of the Tent City got us checked in and we headed towards our abode. As I walked in I couldn’t help but notice that they have set up the whole city on a barren land. The coordinators told us more about the city and how much hard work they have put in for the whole show. I was impressed to another level and the feelings went leaps and bounds the moment I entered my tent. It was luxury at its best. A perfect setup with everything that you can think of. Probably the first time in my life when I used an air conditioner and heater on the same day. All hails to the Kutch Desert.

Rann City Tent View

Rann City Seating area

Rann City Wash Room

Rann City Toileteries

I travelled from Ahmedabad to Kutch by road and needless to say by the time I reached the tent city I was tired to bits. But did I rest, no not even for a minute. I couldn’t wait to go out and explore the tent city. After a quick shower I was rejuvenated and it was time for lunch. We were given the food coupons at the time of check which we had to show in the dining area so that we can enjoy the complementary food. The package covered the food and high tea as well. I never have high expectations out of food as it is the last think I look up to, but still I can say the food was nice and they had a huge buffet spread covering North India, South Indian and Gujarati food.

Towards our tent at Rann City

The tent city is sprawled over 5,00,000 square meters of area which further has 350 tents across nine clusters. It is practically not possible to roam around the tent city on foot so they have golf carts and their local three wheeler to help the guests from getting one part of the city to another.

Transport at Rann City

Inside the tent city you will find multiple options to indulge in. They have a recreation area where you can enjoy multiple indoor and outdoor games. Every nook and cranny of the tent city is worth capturing in your lenses. There were some creative spots where we clicked many photos.

Chess at Rann City

Yellow auto at Rann City

Pottery at Rann City

As the sun descended the Tent City started illuminating with the traditional lanterns and creative lamps (yes it was running on electricity, but loved the authentic look and feel of the lanterns).

Creative Lamps at Rann City

Rann City at night

My tent at Rann City

It was then time to indulge in some entertainment and we were guided to the performance arena where some tribal dance was going on. We were later told that they were authentic tribal people who came especially for the performance. Here is a sneak peek.

Tribal dance at Rann City

If you wish to book a tent for yourself in the Tent City, you can book it here.

A Little About Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav is a ninety day long festival to celebrate the spirit of Kutch and Gujarat. It showcases riots of colors, celebration and fun on the barren lands of Kutch. Rann Utsav is a great way to witness the cultural heritage of Kutch and Gujarat. It is also the best time to enjoy the hospitality of Kutch and indulge in the diverse Gujarati tradition. Like they say “Kutch nahi dekha toh kuch nahi dekha”, it is indeed true.

With this heart warming picture I am ending my post. It totally conveys what we felt throughout our stay in Kutch, All smiles!

Smile when in Kutch

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  1. Had been to Rann of Kutch last year, though I stayed in the Bhungas at the ‘Gateway To Rann’ resort right next to the Tent city. In the night I even ventured inside the Tent City and it was pretty good. May be next time if I ever get to visit Kutch again shall try it out! Great post. Thanks for sharing!
    Cheers, Arun – mytravelpedia.net

  2. Hi ruby..

    Just read your post..gives me pretty much the insight! I am planning to visit to this beautiful place in Feb’ 2017.

    Would be great if I could get some guidance from you regarding the bookings etc..There are multiple websites which offer various packages and hence the confusion. Your help and guidance would be highly appreciated..:D

    Let me know if we can connect through email/or on facebook?


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