Rann Of Kutch – The White Salt Desert 

I was busy attending something in my phone when the driver stopped the car and said “madam pahuch gaye” (mam we have reached). In no time I looked up to witness the beauty of Rann of Kutch. It was one of the most incredible sights that I have even seen. The first word that came out of my mouth was “WOW”. Rann of Kutch is a perfect example to prove how barren can be so beautiful. One thing that I would like to tell you all beforehand is that for getting into Rann of Kutch you have to obtain a permit. It is an easy process all you need is a valid identity proof.

Entrance of Rann of Kutch
Entrance of Rann of Kutch. They have made a pathway so that tourists can walk over it and not over the salt.

As I walked in all I could see was infinite span of white nothingness. I could witness the white salt desert merging into the light blue sky. It felt like someone has spilled white color all over my vision. Though no camera can actually capture the real sight but that did not stop me from making few courageous attempts. There is nothing much that you can do in Rann of Kutch except appreciating the imposing beauty of Mother Nature.

Happy me at Rann of Kutch
Happy soul at Rann of Kutch, don’t miss the black figures at the back.
BSF Guarding the border at Rann of Kutch
BSF Guarding the border at Rann of Kutch

On a regular day you would not find too many people in Rann of Kutch but due to the Rann Utsav celebration going on there were many tourist roaming around in the salt desert. The visit to Rann of Kutch was carefully planned so that we could see the sunset. The locals say that Rann of Kutch offers you the most beautiful sunset ever. When I got inside the precincts of the desert the blazing orange colored was way above the horizon but just when I got my focus back the sunset, I realized that It was readily descending down.

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Sunset at Rann of Kutch

The sun looked like a huge orange ball which was going down with every passing minute. I literally saw it vanishing in front of my eyes, it went down bit by bit. I had never seen anything like that before and just when I was about to get content I turned around and the beautiful moon was up in the sky to make my happiness go leaps and bounds. While on one side there was still some crimson tinge the other side was getting all serene with the fleeting moonlight. It was an iconic moment for me.

The sun goes down and the moon comes up at Rann of Kutch

The day I visited Rann of Kutch it was a full moon night and I knew that I had to come back later the night to witness the same. So after spending some more time wandering and clicking pictures I decided to head back to the tent city. I was putting up at the tent city to attend the celebration of Rann Utsav. After dinner and some entertainment in the tent city it was time to head back to magical salt land just that it was now very cold and windy. Clad in a thick jacket and cap I was all set to go back to the salt land.

Salt crystals at Rann of Kutch

It was 12:30 in the night and it was calm and quiet. I could easily listen to the winds. The white salt was glowing with the moonlight. This time I walked a little further than before and there was actually no end to it. The more you walk the horizon keeps shifting giving you an idea about its vastness. I had only seen postcards like that but never for the real. There were a lot of people with heavy lenses and huge cameras trying to capture the sight in their lenses, I wonder if they could ever do it or anyone could do it for that matter of fact.

Have you been to Rann of Kutch, share your experiences with me.

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  1. What a wonderful place.. would like to visit it. Completely different from what we have at Rajasthan.
    And does it really glow at night .. wow that would have been a site. Really nice post and pictures.

    via – #blogchatter + @jaspals / @save_delete

  2. Recently watched this place on a news channel when prime minister Modi visited for a military conference. I was fascinated by their hi-tech tent arrangements and here your clicks of the Rann are amazing too.


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