The Imposing Festa De Diu!
The Imposing Festa De Diu!

An expensive gift on valentines, isn’t that very trite? This valentine do something different and gift an unforgettable experience to your loved ones. If the idea interests you then my first and strongest recommendation would be to head to Diu for Festa De DiuFesta De Diu is Asia’s longest beach festival which started on 15th December and is on till 15th February. Yes it covers the valentine’s weekend. I was at Festa De Diu during the long weekend of January and I can bet it is one of the most romantic places I have ever been to.

A warm welcome to Diu Village
A warm welcome to Diu Village

A little about Festa De Diu

Festa De Diu is an initiative to increase the influx of tourists and traveler in Diu. It aims at providing unique experience to all its visitors. The Diu village is a big setup and it showcases a perfect blend of Diu’s culture and heritage. Apart from the luxurious tents and other amenities, Diu village also allows you to indulge in adventurous activities like zip lining, hot air balloon ride, bungee jumping etc. From the calm and serene beaches to the breathtaking performances Festa De Diu has everything to make your stay memorable.

Reception at Festa De Diu
Reception at Festa De Diu

I traveled to Diu from Bhuj by road and it took me around 12 hours to reach there as I took a detour to visit Somnath temple. I was in Bhuj to witness the Rann Utsav and the white salt desert of Rann of Kutch. The journey was exhausting.

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As I touched down Diu the first thing that I noticed was its quintessential calmness. There was no hustle and everyone seems to be enjoying their daily chores. As I got near the Diu Village of Festa De Diu I could imagine the grandeur I was going to witness. I went to the reception and the guys there guided me to my tent. After a little chit chat with the staff I got to know that the whole set up was done by the same company which did the tent city at Rann Utsav.

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Entrance of Diu Village

As I entered my tent I could see huge similarities between the tent here and the tent at Rann Utsav just that the current ones were more luxurious. The tents were equipped with everything that you would expect in a 5 star property. The tents were fully air-conditioned and housed a king size bed and a seating area. There was a mini fridge and television as well. Who watches television at such a place, I wonder 😛 . There were two types of tents the Luxury Cottage and Luxury Cottage with a sea view. Mine was a sea facing tent and all I had to do was nothing to get a glimpse of the shining beach.

Tents with sea view at Festa De Diu

Kings bed at the tent at Festa De Diu

Seating area in my tent at Festa De Diu

A sneak into the washroom of my tent at Festa De Diu

Toileteries in my tent at Festa De Diu

Before doing anything I couldn’t resist walking barefoot on the beach. After I could get back to senses and realize that I cannot spend all my time at the beach I decided to head back to the tent. After a quick shower and a sumptuous lunch I decided to explore the Diu village. There were more than 60 tents along the beach and it was practically impossible to roam around the village on foot and thus they had the golf carts to move around the village just like they had in the tent city at Rann Utsav.

View from my tent at Festa De Diu

Beach on my mind

Happy and elated me at Festa De Diu

After exploring and admiring the Diu village I decided to get out of the village for sometime. The staff at Festa De Diu suggested me to go to Naida caves and Diu fort. I went to Naida caves but couldn’t get in the fort due to paucity of time. After I got back to the Diu village it was already dark and the air was resuming its chill. The beach was calling me again. I decided to continue the tryst after the dinner. I went to a nearby resort for dinner and came back all happy and hearty. I rarely get disappointed by food. In no time I left everything in the tent, picked up my jacket and ran to the beach. It was dark and all I could hear was the roar of tides. I dared to walk barefoot on the beach at that chilling hour. I was shivering but I just didn’t want to go back to the tent. I sat there till late night until I couldn’t open my eyes anymore and then I retired for the night. With a heavy heart I said a goodbye to the beach and got back to my tent. I cannot help but share this last view of the beach.

Beach View at Fest De Diu
Beach View at Fest De Diu

Did you know about Festa De Diu before reading my post, would love to hear your views on this initiative. If you wish to visit this place you can do the bookings from their official website by clicking here.

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