Stop faking your life on Facebook, high time you do that. I understand the impact of social media but what I don’t understand is the obsession for praises and likes from the Facebook friends and the duress certain people have to showcase their perfect life on Facebook by posting the minutest of the details of their whereabouts. This is also acceptable if you actually have the life that you showcase on Facebook, but there are people who fake their lives and it irks the hell out of me.

We all have problems in our lives, things that we wish for but we don’t have and that is okay. Life is a bitch but that’s how it is, embrace it accept it but don’t fake it. Sharing our achievements and collecting accolades is something we all like and do it very often. But don’t put your credibility on stake just to be a part of this rat race. I feel happy to see people achieving heights in their personal and professional lives and its good that we have a platform to apprise everyone about the same but concocting something which is not true just so that you can pretend you have a happy life is really sad. I pity such people.

Why am I saying all this today? What has provoked me to this level that I am mentioning it in my coveted blog. I am not here to take any names but you all must have guessed now that someone must have triggered this thought in my mind. keeping it anonymous and discreet I would just say that I am aware of existence of some people who have namesake relationships with their partners but they keep posting pictures as if they are happiest in the world. Had I been unaware of the situations I would have gone ahead wished them and liked their post but the fact that I know the reality amazes me to another level. I am amazed as to what we have come down to, how important it is for us to have a happy social life than to have an actual life. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t lived together in ages but a customary status stating “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me” makes me pity on such people. Looking happy on Facebook is more important than being happy in your actual life. 

I would have never believed that such a species exist if I wouldn’t have seen with my own eyes, but yes the desperation of looking cool on Facebook has taken a toll of many of us. We have to realize that Facebook is just an online portal and it is perfectly alright to post each and everything that comes to your mind but at least be truthful to yourself. Every individual’s life have certain highs and lows but faking your own life just for the sake of few likes and comments is just not cool. There is a life beyond Facebook and we all should embrace this fact with truthfulness and honesty.

Having said all these things I am a regular user of Facebook as well. I share all my posts on Facebook and every now and then I keep sharing my achievements and travel updates on facebook but what I don’t do is faking on Facebook. Know that there is always someone who knows the insight and that one fake post of yours will stoop you down in his/her eyes for life. To sum this up I would just say

“Practice Facebooking and Avoid Fakebooking”.

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  1. Enjoyed reading this. I have always found it stupid where I have to wish my near and dear ones and perhaps the nearest and dearest ones like parents or spouses on birthdays or anniversaries on facebook. Keep writing

  2. Hey! I know how that goes ya 😀 On many days I feel it too… love the last line 🙂

    I often calm myself thinking well if they are that hollow they deserve all the likes for self-esteem 😛

  3. Hmm, I have a love-hate kinda relationship with FB! It aggravates me at times and some times is a balm to the ego! Empathize with what you say, people stop faking, share what you really feel or think!

  4. I was one of those people who documented all my happy moments on Facebook and one day, I just withdrew entirely. It hit me that I wanted 500 people to know every minor moment in my my life, when most of them I am just acquaintances with. I am glad you brought out another aspect of FB


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