Train journeys take me back to childhood. Born in a defense family traveling and moving was an inevitable part of my life. I would lie if I will say I used to love travelling since then because back then I used to do it because I was supposed to do it. We used to come to our hometown during the summer vacations and long train journeys were something I used to look forward to. Back then happiness was in doing these stupid little things but now time has changed. Not that I am complaining but yes it has turned upside down. So getting back to train journeys today I am going to share my experience of one of the most unique train rides of my life which is a toy train to Shimla from Kalka.

Kalka Station
You have arrived at the Kalka Station

If you are going to Shimla by train then you will have to change at Kalka station. From there you can either hit the road or take the toy train to Shimla. I chose the latter and I am happy I did so. A friend suggested that as he had already experienced it and was quite sure that I will love it. The first impression of toy train was “Cute”, I know it is a little no so suitable adjective for a train but that was my first reaction.

Toy train at Kalka Station
Posing with the toy train at Kalka Station
Toy Trains at the station
Toy Trains at the station

Now before I say anything I would like to give a big salute to Indian Railways for making a railway track amid the mountainous roads. I couldn’t wait to hop in the train and though I was tired but the breathtaking views of this train journey kept my senses wide awake. At that time I didn’t know that the Kalka-Shimla toy train is awarded with the historic UNESCO World Heritage title but now I know. The train moves at a slow pace and generally takes more time than it would take via road to reach Shimla and it is one of the most common reason why people opt for road and not the train. But then only on that pace you would be able to enjoy the scenic view of mountains and feel the gush of cool breeze onto your face.

View from the Toy train

On the route of Kalka to Shimla an important station is Barog. The train stops here so that you can freshen up straighten your legs. The trains first crosses through a tunnel and then stops at the Barog station. The station is named after an engineer Colonel Barog who has designed the tunnel. It is a cute little station and everything there will make you feel as if it has come out of a toy store. So much to comply with the toy train image.

Barog Tunnel Enroute Shimla
The famous Barog tunnel
Roaming around Barog Station
Roaming around Barog Station

The train took around five hours to reach Shimla. Yes I know it took a lot more considering the distance but I was satisfied with the journey. It was my first time in a toy train and I strongly recommend it to everyone.

Extensive Rail Network
Extensive Rail Network at Shimla Station
Stay Safe
Isn’t something terribly wrong with what is written there ?

While coming back I took a cab to Kalka from Shimla and obviously reached in way lesser time.

Have you travelled in a toy train?

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  1. Nostalgia kicks in! Have been in the same toy train during my college days. It was so much fun 🙂
    Thanks for bringing back those memories with these beautiful pictures!


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