Source: Word Porn Facebook
Source: Word Porn Facebook

Of all the things love is, the most important is it being stupid. Yes I said it, love is stupid. Not for just one reason but for many that I know. It makes you unreasonable and compels you to do things that you aren’t supposed required to do. Logic and love just don’t go hand in hand. They are mutually exclusive. Falling for a person you can’t have, Loving someone who wouldn’t couldn’t love you back; aren’t these illogical ? But yet we fall for it, yet we end up acting stupid.

So how does it work? Is everyone in love nothing but stupid ? No I am not saying that but at some or the other point they must have been really really stupid. For some the stupidity works out and in the end they look like the most sane person on the earth and for some it punches right in the gut. There are pretty good numbers of both the cases, just that we don’t know about it.

I ain’t no love guru but I ain’t no saint either. That being sane and being punched right in the gut, I have been at both the places. Do I regret, not even a whit of it. I would probably do it all over again but with some tad bit of changes.

Have you been stupid ? Have you loved a person who just couldn’t love you back, even if he/she wanted to, have you loved a person knowing that you can never have him/her in your life, have you ever had an unconditional love ?

Is there anything like unconditional love for real or the ishq wala love only happens in our fictitious bollywood flick?

The truth, however hard (unbelievable) it must be but yes such a love feeling exist. There are people who can be in your heart but not in your life. There are people who exactly love you like those big quotes that you read in Word Porn. So yes the stupidity exist and its superpower will always prevail irrespective of your wisdom and analytical approach towards life.

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  1. Unconditional love is hard to find in this world. Only mother’s or father’s love can fall in this category


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