Majnu Ka Tilla – The Tibetan Twist To Delhi !

Footover Bridge to Majnu Ka Tila
Footover Bridge to Majnu Ka Tila

I came to know about Majnu ka tilla through a video on YouTube and I found it very fascinating. I wanted to pay a visit as soon as I could and so the Sunday was spent wandering in the narrow lanes of Majnu ka tilla. It surprises me how we have these hidden gem of places so close to us and we have no clue about it. Majnu Ka Tila is actually a Tibetan refugee colony which is also known as Little Tibet of Delhi. I wonder how it got such a unique name, “Majnu ka tilla” is quite a filmy name for such quaint lanes.

Entrance to Majnu Ka Tilla
This is what the entrance to Majnu Ka Tila says, only if I had a better picture 🙁

Majnu ka tilla is an appropriate place for shopping and indulging in authentic Tibetan cuisines. As soon as you enter the main lane and walk for a while you will reach a courtyard which has a temple. The temple has quintessential Tibetan look and feel, it reminded me of my visit to the Dalai Lama temple in Mcleodganj. If you are lucky you might get to see them performing their prayer rituals as well.

Temple in the courtyard at Majnu Ka Tilla
Temple in the courtyard at Majnu Ka Tilla

Majnu ka tilla is a great place to shop unique items and junk jewellery. They have road side shops as well as proper stores where you can purchase typical Tibetan stuff for your home.

Junk delight at Majnu Ka Tilla
Junk delight at Majnu Ka Tilla
Inside a store at Majnu Ka Tilla
Inside a store at Majnu Ka Tilla

Though it a street market but it is not inexpensive. The uniqueness of items comes with pretty good prices. Highlights for me were prayer wheels, dream catchers, prayer flags, masks, idols of Tibetan deities and solid perfumes. They had some unique shoe collection as well.

Dream Catchers at Majnu Ka Tilla

Majnu ka Tilla houses many restaurants which serve authentic Tibetan food which mainly includes dimsums and thukpa. We ate at the Asian Kitchen and it was an okay experience. Later we got to know that Rigo is great place to eat but it was too late then as we had eaten already. After shopping and eating we decided to head back. It was a different experience and I quite liked it. I might not go back there again unless I have a purpose, but if you haven’t been there even once then it is worth a visit.

Narrow Lanes of Majnu Ka Tilla

How to reach  : Get down at Vidhan Sabha or Kashmiri Gate metro station and from there take a rickshaw to Majnu ka tilla.

Entry Fee: Nill

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  1. Been to this place many many years ago. The food was very nice and authentic. Don’t know if it’s still like that. Obviously, as you mentioned, prices seem to have sky rocketed.