I am a nature enthusiast. The mountain peaks and various shades of green excites me more than the twinkling lights of high rise buildings. The cool breeze of mountains make me more happy than the chill of air conditioners. Though I get the later more than the former, that’s another story of my life. But like they say “Learn to play with whatever you have” and I am trying to do exactly the same. My recent short trip to mountains was over before I could even imagine and I am back to civilization. Not that I don’t like it here but I miss waking up to the chirping of birds and the view of clouds merging into the peaks. I am back with a lot of stories and to begin with I have some stills of beautiful floral delights that I came across in the mountains. So without further ado let us drool over some flora from mountains.

Devil in Detail
The devil lies in the details. It is not everyday that I feel proud of my clicks but for this one I do.
Purple Bliss
It doesn’t have to be complete to be beautiful. There is beauty in imperfections as well.
White Wizard
It might look as if I am alone but I am not. I am with my thoughts and stories that will one day shake the world.
Small but powerful
Don’t judge me by my size, from a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.
Wild Rose
There is a wild version of everything in this world, this one is of roses. Blooming wild roses.
Yello Fever
Of intellect, openness, light, wisdom and cheerfulness. Everything that yellow is all about.
Ground Daisies
Even the bright sun couldn’t overshadow my glow, you are just a bunch of people with thoughts worth pitying. Said Ground Daisy to the world.
Looking at life
All the big things have small beginnings. The biggest journey starts with a small step.
Color Blast
When everything goes wrong, I will come to brighten your world, said my dream to me.
Dog Flower
Beautiful things come out of hardships.
Rise and shine. Spreading happiness since eternity.
Rise and shine. Spreading happiness since eternity.
Beautiful rhododendron.

I hope these pretty flowers brighten your day.

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