Straight From The Heart – Pretty Palampur

While I write this I have a constant watch on the time as I have to get ready for work but I cannot help and reminisce my short and sweet weekend retreat to Palampur. I haven’t been to Palampur before and the only way I had known about its existence is through an old movie called “Raja Hindustani” where Amir Khan was a taxi drive in Palampur. Remember ? Talking about the nearby places I have some vague memories of Yol cantonment as well as my father was posted there and on and off I hear some stories about that place from my mother. I was very little then so I don’t remember any of it but I do trust my mother. The recent addition to Palampur association would be my very close friend who is from Palampur with the latest being this trip to Palampur. I guess the little universe conspired very well with all its forces so that I could witness the untouched beauty of pretty Palampur.

Purple, green and blue sky

I along with a friend Akanksha who blogs at Direct Dil Se took the bus to Palampur from Kashmiri Gate ISBT. When it comes to bus journey I am always a little apprehensive, blame it to the popular bus incidents that have happened over the time in north. I am always a little less concerned about comfort and more about safety. We boarded the bus and to my surprise I felt safe. You get that feeling that its going to be alright and I got that same feeling. The bus was comfortable too. We reached on time and I can now confidently say that I can board that bus alone as well. If you are wondering what was I doing in Palampur, to answer that I was on a blogging assignment in Palampur with a bunch of fellow bloggers. I clearly had the time of my life. Paragliding in Bir has to be the highlight of the trip.

Pine trees covered road

What I liked about Palampur

Palampur is not commercialized. I am not against crowd and tourists but my idea of a getaway is a little different and I like it more with nature and less with people. Remember how the mall road of Shimla looks, how the Kufri landscape looks Palampur is nothing like that. If truth is to be told then that there isn’t much that you can do in Palampur except enjoying leisurely and that’s probably why it doesn’t attract a lot of tourists.

Mountain Peaks

Palampur is raw and untouched. The fact that it is not commercialized makes the natural beauty unscathed, the same reason why I like Kanatal so much.

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The locals of Palampur are very warm and hospitable. For the matter of fact I can say that for all the mountain people. They are the most humble version of homo sapiens alive right now. Be it Uttarakhand or Himachal I have received the warmest of reception at either of the places. They are very passionate about what they do, for instance my host for this recent trip was one lively gentleman. There was a thought behind everything in his property, he possibly has an explanation for the placement of every brick and every single stone in his property.

Sneak peek

I love to see people pursuing their passion and mountain people never fail to amaze me in this criteria. They go out of their way to help you and make you feel home. Recently I went on a trek to Nagtibba and when we trekked down we reached before the schedule and we had to wait for our car. While we were waiting a local family invited us to their house, they offered us tea and we had such a good time. They were not our host neither we were going to write about them that they were obliged to be nice. I think being nice comes to them by default.

I have come back with a bag full of stories from Palampur. While they may take a while to get published this small post straight from my heart just couldn’t wait. Stay tuned for more stories.

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  1. I agree when you say people of Palampur are nice and warm. We had the most marvelous time with the locals when we were there. Lovely write up !


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