Military Tourism: To Give A Peep Into Military Way Of Life


Military Tourism is an initiative by Maharashtra Ex-Servicemen Corporation Ltd (MESCO). It was launched on 10th May 2016. Military has a way of keeping away from civilian and they have a whole different world for themselves. Military Tourism aims at giving the civilians a peek into the military lives. I have a little knowledge of how things work in Military as my father served in The Indian Army and when I heard about this initiative I was happy that Military is allowing civilians to experience the ringside view of their lives. Military Tourism is being taken ahead under a program called “Veer Yatra”. Veer Yatra is the first-of-its-kind “tourism” initiative that aims at strengthening the emotional bond between the Military establishment and the civilian population.

Veer Yatra, Military Tourism

Who runs Veer Yatra 

Veer Yatra will be ran by the brave soldiers who once served for the military. Also it is under the Aegis of 2002-established MESCO, Government of Maharashtra Undertaking, established on 18 Jan 2002 for the welfare and resettlement of ex-servicemen.

Purpose of Veer Yatra program 

Veer Yatra aims at encouraging civilians to explore various facets of defense mechanism of the country and its evolution. It is only through this program civilians can lay their hands on the unique opportunities of experiencing the thrilling world of heroic defense forces from the close quarters. Association with Military is always looked up very respectably and the thought of being a part of Military establishment is something which crosses everyone’s mind. Veer Yatra, MESCO aims at giving a direction to this aspiration of all the civilians. At the launch Col (Retd.)Suhas S. Jatkar, Managing Director, MESCO, said:

“there is so much history, so much to see and so much to experience. As ex-servicemen, we strongly feel the need to promote Military Tourism with a view to inculcate sense of patriotism among the children and youth of the country. Indian Military establishment has rich physical and emotional heritage that is worth exploring by all patriotic citizens.”

The fact that civilians aren’t associated with the defense should not deprive them from getting to know the real face of the Military establishments.

Unveiling of Veer Yatra
L-R: Mrs. Anuradha Pradhu Desai, Brig Ghorpade (Retd), Col Sambhaji Patil (Retd), Shri Pandurang Balkavde, Brig Hemant Mahajan (Retd), Lt General Shekatkar (Retd), Lt General Patil (Retd) and Major General Sawant.

Offerings of Veer Yatra Program

From Military Management Techniques to Art of War to Military Games and Survival Techniques, Veer Yatra has something patriotic for everyone. Veer Yatra will also showcase institutions that are of high significance for the Military forces. These institutions include Armed Forces Medical College and College of Military Engineering. Along with institutions Veer Yatra will also let you have a close peep to Airforce Station, Military Hostels, various Regiments, Naval Aviation Museum, Military Museum and certain spots that would arouse intense patriotism such as  China Border at Nathu La Pass, J&K – Pakistan Border, Military Post – Srinagar and also an insight into the Border Roads Organization. I have ghoosebums already. 🙂

Another side of Veer Yatra

Along with promoting the Military tourism and getting the civilians to know more about the defense life there is another side of Veer Yatra as well. Veer Yatra also helps in providing meaningful employment opportunities to the widows of the martyrs and retired servicemen. Veer Yatra aims at utilizing the military knowledge base of the ex-servicemen in building the crucial bridge between the military personnel and civilians.

I personally feel that is is a great initiative and other states should also follow it. It is a great way of educating the civilians about the hardships that a normal military person goes through. Life in military is more than the shiny medals, crisp green uniforms and cheap liquor. To know more about this initiative refer to below coordinates.

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