I couldn’t help but hear my colleagues planning their trip to hills for the coming weekend. I hopped to their cubicle and gave my two cents which they accepted generously. Now back to my seat I am just thinking about my next trip. Although I just booked tickets for a travel in the month of August but isn’t it just too far. There are so many offers going on various domestic flights that you will eventually end up booking one for yourself. There are certain plans for an international trip as well but I am pretty sure it’s just going to remain a plan. I am in dire need of a nothing-to-do kind of a trip. All my heart longs for is a leisure trip.


I have had quite a few number of trips to hills and so now I want to hit beaches. While everyone else would immediately think of Goa, I am rather longing for Gokarna. It is less commercialized and I would get some quiet time at the beaches. I plan to be a little generous and would probably book a resort for the stay. I am generally a budget traveler and like to spend my money very wisely. But once in a blue moon you are allowed to indulge in luxury.

Like I said leisure and relaxation is all I am expecting from my dream trip and so I would ditch the train and would take a flight to Goa and then hit the road for Gokarna. A comfortable kick off to the trip is much needed. There is nothing as just one perfect vacation, at least something like that doesn’t exist in my world. My dream vacation would slightly tilt towards luxury. I would book my stay well in advance just to avoid any inconveniences later. Post arrival at Gokarna one thing that I would definitely do is not miss the sunrise and sunset.

I intend to spend the daytime by indulging in the luxury offered by the resort. I may go for a spa and massage session. Some of the resorts have the best spa services. After an amazing sunrise and lousy morning the spa will rejuvenate me for the rest of the day. Afternoon will be spent reading and blogging and as the sun will start dropping down I would head to the beaches for the sunset. A long walk on the beach with wind in my hair and sand at my feet would just set the evening right. I don’t wish my dream trip to be a solo one, I would definitely want some company and it could be anyone. The long walk will be ensued by drinks at a small shack. I would like to see the sun doing down bit by bit and If I have to I would probably not take my eyes off at all. The crimson colored sky with the blazing sun will be the postcard moment of the trip.

I am sure there would be few things which might go haywire but I am double sure that whatever it would be I will manage. What is your idea of a dream trip?




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