Robber’s Cave Aka Guchhupani

I knew that I will have few hours to kill in Dehradun before I catch the train back to Delhi. I had looked up what all I could do in those few hours just to be more productive. A blogger friend Aditi suggested paying visit to Robber’s Cave. I made a mental note of it. So when I came back to Dehradun from the Nagtibba trek I made sure to pay a quick visit to this much talked about spot.

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Entrance to Robers Cave
Entrance to Rober’s Cave

Robber’s Cave is locally known as Guchhu Pani. Funny name isn’t it? I had already googled about the location and its distance from the railway station. Robbers Cave is located near Anarwala village. It is approximately 10 kilometers from the railway station. But this information wasn’t of much use for me as GIO team dropped us at a nearby place from where we just walked till Robber’s Cave.

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Inside Robers Cave
Inside Rober’s Cave

Robber’s Cave is a popular spot in Dehradun, even the locals love to come and spend time there. It is a popular believe that the robbers used to hide themselves and their robbed money in this cave during the British ruling and hence the name Robber’s cave. However there is no source to authenticate this trivia. Also there wasn’t any guide to explain the origin and creation of this cave so everything I document here is from my own experience.

Moving in the Robbers Cave
Moving through the water stream in Robber’s Cave

Walking through Robber’s Cave

Robber’s Cave is essentially a stream of river running through the narrow caves. The cave is approximately 600 meters long. The walls of the caves are very high and at places they nearly merge into each other. During monsoon the water level rises up to the knees. At the end of the cave there is a waterfall. There were many people bathing in the waterfall. We walked through the cold stream of water till the end and then we came back. There isn’t much to do there.

Twist and turns of Robers Cave
Twist and turns of Rober’s Cave
Light in the robers cave
Light in the rober’s cave through the merging walls of the cave
The end point of Robbers Cave
The waterfall at the end of Robber’s Cave
All of us at Robers Cave
All of us at Robber’s Cave (Om, me, Ashish and Vindhya)

At the entrance of the Robber’s Cave there are many small restaurants. A hot steaming cup of tea with momos and maggie will end your day perfectly.

Snack Time at Gucchu Pani
Snack Time at Gucchu Pani
Maggie at Gucchu Pani
Maggie at Gucchu Pani, tastes as good as it looks
Steaming hot momos at Gucchu Pani
Steaming hot momos at Gucchu Pani

Additional info for Robber’s Cave

  • Opens from 7am till 7:30 PM.
  • Entry fee of Rs 20 per person.
  • Lockers available in case you decide to get drenched in the waterfall.
  • Guard your camera well inside the cave.
  • Wear bottoms till knees.

This is all from my short visit to Robber’s Cave aka Gucchupani. Have you been there? Do share your experiences with me, I am all ears.

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  1. This place looks super cool…. straight out of some GOT scene especially the waterfall at the end of the cave

  2. Guchhupani is very close to my in laws place. once upon a time it was best place for family picnic. Now very crowded and become polluted too.

  3. A few years back we went to Robber’s Cave and found it completely delightful. The best bit was digging into that hot bowl of maggi while sitting right in the river. The kids were absolutely thrilled! You brought back lovely memories.


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