Krishna’s Butter Ball is an intriguing tourist attraction in Mahabalipuram. It is a giant granite rock which is located on a smooth slope. This huge rock is resting at a good 45 degrees and yet defies all the gravitational force on this earth. There is no outer force to balance this rock and it is here all the laws of physics goes for a toss. It opens a bundle of amusement and you cannot help but wonder how on God’s green earth it is standing still.


There are many interesting stories around the formation of Krishna’s Butter Ball. Everyone has their own versions of it but there is no concrete proof for any of them. Locals associate this attraction with lord Krishna’s insatiable love for butter. Lord Krishna used to steal butter and sneak out to relish it with his friends. The locals have related this to the ball of butter that lord Krishna used to steal and hence it is named as Krishna’s Butter Ball.


Another interesting story around Krishna’s Butter Ball is that the Pallava kings tried to move this huge boulder with the help of their powerful elephants but all in vain. Center of gravity is also believed to be on of the reasons why it couldn’t be moved. But well lets just not talk about gravity here. Head spins, like literally :-P.

The greenery and trees makes it popular among locals as well.

Krishna’s Butter Ball is not just popular among tourist it is equally loved by the locals. It is a very popular photography site for pretty much everyone. It is quite impossible to get a frame of just the Butter Ball. People come here to click all sorts of fun and wacky pictures. The main attraction is surrounded by a greenery and trees which makes it idle for a walk and picnic.


Getting around Krishna’s Butter Ball 

How can you not take a selfie here !

Krishna’s Butter Ball is a free attraction. You can walk in whenever you want and have a look at the amazement. There isn’t much to do there so it won’t take a lot of your time. It is  located very close to the main road and Arjuna’s Penance. Just like Pancha Rathas there is no documentation of the stories around the Butter Ball. It is all about believing, just like we say

“mano toh bhagwan na mano toh pathar”.

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