It all started in 1998 and who knew it would last this long. Really this long. We were not even in the same class. But we got together somehow and since then it has growing thicker and thicker. We stood the test of time and changing relationship statues. Different career choices, moving to different cities for jobs and personal relationship turmoil, we have seen it all. If you are wondering who is this “we” I am referring to, it is my girl gang. “My Lucknow Peeps” is what I call them fondly. They go by the names Rashmi, Priyanka and Dyutima (in a random order). We never really planned on becoming the friendship icon but with time we did.


The best days of our friendship journey were the school days. There was no struggle in seeing anyone. We didn’t have to go through numerous whatsapp conversation to decide on a plan. What got us even more closer was our inclination towards basketball. After the tiring school we all used to go to the stadium and practice basketball in the scorching sun. We didn’t care of getting tanned, good old days. We spent more time together and between eating our lunches together in school and sharing our water bottle in the basketball court our friendship thickened. We took a lot of trips together for basketball tournaments, both school and open.



The real struggle started when the school ended. Four of us moved in four directions, different for sure. We started getting less of each other. Plans used to go for a toss because someone had an exam the next day, someone had to submit the assignment urgently or something other. What got us through that time was the understanding. We understood the importance of each other’s priority. There were many times when one of us couldn’t make it to the plan while the rest carried on. Later the pictures used to fill in for the details. Not to miss that by this point we all had more friends in our life (from our colleges).

The next struggle that burgeoned was making a balance between the old and the new set of friends. We didn’t have to try hard for it, I felt as if we dealt that situation very adeptly. So yes here also we stood the test of balancing our career choices and new friends really very well. Friendship tomb standing tall and strong.

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Talking about the recent times we all have become mature, to a level that I had never imagined. We go on trips with our “other” friends, we go for movies and dates and yet it doesn’t affect our bond in anyway. One con-call and a long gossip session sets everything back to the roots. We share in and out (almost) with each other and yes no judgments whatsoever. I being the crybaby of the all, often burst into tears and they all console me like a kid. I have cried and howled in front of them. They have seen me at my best and at my worst. They are my go to person whenever I feel low and not goimg-20161008-wa0007od enough. One phone call and you will feel that you own this world. They can make you feel good to that extreme level. One of my few motivations to go to Lucknow are these amaze souls. From school friends who used to stalk AMC basketball men team to now professionals who discuss provident funds we have seen it all. Bounded by same interest and hatred for same things/people our friendship has come a long way.



We have stood the test of time and numerous other aspects and our bond has just strengthen. This reminds me of the famous Sex and the City quote

“Maybe our girlfriends are out soulmates and guys are the people we have fun with”.




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