Going by the numbers published on a popular professional social media site, 80% of the people don’t enjoy their jobs. There are many who even hates it to the core. I guess I belong to the 20% group. I might not be deeply madly and truly in love with my job but I don’t hate it as well. I enjoy building solutions and making things work for people in need. Also not to forget it pays me and that helps me in perusing my love for travel. I don’t have to wait for someone else to buy tickets or sponsor my trip, I can very well do it on my own. I love the freedom and the independence that comes along with the work in the form of its remuneration. Apart from all this my work has bestowed some wonderful travel opportunities on me.


A girl who has never stepped out of her city suddenly lands in the IT hub of the country, Bengaluru. I was scared, apprehensive and a lot of other things at the same time. I didn’t do very well in exploring Bengaluru and around. Blame it on my naïve nature or frightening thoughts of landing in some or the other trouble. I regret it till date. I did manage some group trips around the popular attractions of Bengaluru though. My work also made me party in some very high end resorts and clubs.

After spending some good months in Bengaluru I came to the northern part of the country. I did my best in exploring this part of the county. In no time I was moved again to the south of the country. This time the destination was the city of pearls, the city of nawabs and the city of nizams, none other than Hyderabad. I had the best time there. The city has a different vibe altogether. I met some of the best souls in Hyderabad. The hustle and bustle and yet the calmness gives a nice pace to the life in Hyderabad. Don’t confuse the city with any conservative ideologies, Hyderabad has the best of clubs, pubs and discos. On this note I have to mention Kismet which is one of the most popular discs in Hyderabad. Kismet is a part of the luxury property The Park Hyderabad. If you want to have a flavor of the night life of Hyderabad, that’s the place for you.

Bustling lanes of Hyderabad
Bustling lanes of Hyderabad

After Hyderabad it was time for my first international destination which was Malaysia. I made the most out of my nine months stay there. Totally loved their highlands, islands, close connection to India and their unique festivals. A work trip to Penang introduced me to another island jewel of Malaysia. What’s there not to like in my job. For the initial few months I did some savings and went on a leisure trip to Singapore. Another stamp on the passport, a little happy dance there. Time flew and it was time to head back to the India.


After coming to India I was on a travel roll. Trekked mountains of Uttarakhand, saw sunset of white desert at Rann of Kutch, soaked in the tranquility of Auroville in Pondicherry and experienced some unique home stays at various offbeat locations. I was on a joy ride and to double the fun London happened.


When I landed at the Heathrow airport I was awestruck by the grandeur of the airport. I couldn’t help but notice multiple gigantic aircrafts line up, Air France being right at the front. London was magical. A one moth visit to London was an official one but I made the most out of it. Did all the touristy stuff and strolled around Windsor for some offbeat attractions. So one more time my work was a blessing in disguise.

With the magnificent London Eye
With the magnificent London Eye

I take my work seriously and same goes for my travel plans. Looking at the glorious past I wish and hope and pray that I get to do some good work and travel to new destinations.

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