Raneh Falls Our Own Grand Canyon

Located just 20 kms away from Khajuraho, Raneh Falls is an apt detour to cater the natural beauty enthusaist in you. First things first I have never seen anything like this before and was amazed to another level that we have such rock formations in India. Raneh Falls which also marks the edge of Rewa plateau is majorly contributed by the majestic Ken river. Going by the name I was expecting a huge waterfall but there was just a thin stream of waterfall. While I was disappointed with the waterfall, the intricate rock formations and varied colors of graynite gave me another high. The Ken river forms a 5 kms long and approximately 30 meters deep canyon which showcases pure crystalline granite in various colors.

A Sterculia urens or Ghost tree with Raneh falls in the backdrop
A Sterculia urens or Ghost tree with Raneh falls in the backdrop

Our guide told us that the Raneh falls are natural. As per him the canyon is a result of volcanic eruptions which had happened thousands of years ago. He also told us “If you want to see the Raneh waterfall in its full glory then visit during the monsoons”. The crater gorges are full with water and the Ken river overflows in the canyon blanketing the rock formations beneath. The landscape it totally different when it rains and you can spot series of small and big waterfalls in the canyon.


Another trivia around Raneh falls is with the variety of stones found here. The canyon is made of igneous rocks which is rich in Granite and Dolomite. There are majorly five different types of rocks in the canyon. You can spot the colors in the photos. As per the guide the green ones are dolomite, red ones are colored Jasper, brown quartz, pink granite and black basalt. He also told us that Raneh falls is the only place is whole of Asia where these five types of igneous rocks are found together at one place. I will now let the photos do the talking.


raneh-falls-landscape rock-structures-at-raneh-falls raneh-fall raneh-falls-and-its-surroundings raneh-falls-and-its-rock r-falls our-own-grand-canyon narrow-streams-at-raneh-falls all-smiles-at-raneh-falls raneh-falls-complete-look

Very close to Raneh Falls is another attraction which is Ken Ghariyal Sanctuary. You can easily visit both the places in one day.

Some other information about Raneh Falls:

Timings: Open all days except Wednesday after 12 noon.

Entry Fee: 50 Rs per person. They also charge for the vehicles. Rs 50 for bicycles, Rs 100 for two wheelers, Rs 200 for three wheelers and Rs 250 for four wheelers.

Reachability: The closest airport is Khajuraho Airport. Very well connected by road from Khajuraho, Panna and Rewa.

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  1. How did you go there ? by cycle or by jeep ? I was there in year of 2001 and looking a great change . There was no entry fee at that time .


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