Don’t spoil the idea of love for anyone

The debate of choosing heart over mind and vice versa is never-ending. What works out for one is a fiasco for another. You have to choose for yourself. So while you choose/decide/understand your needs and desires don’t spoil the idea of love for the other person. Not all love stories have a happily ever after ending, not all lovers curl up together every night and not everyone is loved back the way they love. Life is unfair but alluding all your decisions over life’s unfair attribute is wrong. You are responsible for your own emotions and actions. Yes, for your emotions too. So while you are out there creating a perfect fairy tale story for your life make sure you don’t step on someone else’s dreams and desires.

There is always this right thing to do and the things that you want to do. They are not always the same. Your wanting for something doesn’t make it right and doing the right thing is not always what you want. Pretty twisted it is. The labyrinth of loving the right person and loving the person you want to is as lucid and as messy as you want it to be. When you love someone with your heart and soul you don’t see anyone else. It is as simple as A for Apple for a kindergarten student. It has nothing to do with how romantic/love-struck/smitten you are; you just don’t seem to get over the idea of that person. Irrespective of the flaws and the pragmatic future arrangements you just fall for that person with every passing day. If that’s not the case, you need to think over the whole arrangement of love.

Humans have a weak knee for love. You give them a little affection and they will follow you past through unknown satellites. While there are people who are struggling with the idea of love there are people who crave for it. An explosion happens when these two species meet. A blast of emotions, hot and steaming intimacy burgeons. The two parties have one thing in common, immense love for each other. While the common love grows exponentially with every passing day, the significance of that love is entirely different for both the involved parties. The one craving for love gets another reason to look forward to the life and the other gets happiness out of it without thinking anything else.

You could be the most sensible person on this God’s green earth but you are most vulnerable when are loved the most. It is very important that the feeling shared between two partners should share the same meaning to both of them. If you aren’t sure about your feelings and you know the other person is emotionally investing in you with every tick of the clock, you need to speak up. Miscommunication isn’t just application to verbal communication it is applicable to feelings too. You happiness, your ear to ear smile, your lingering touch might communicate something which you don’t actually feel. Communication and that too verbal communication gets a lot of transparency in the relationship. Because very often your actions speak louder than words and they are not in alliance with your feelings. Even if they are in unison but your priorities are different you need to speak up.

Love is not opportunist. It never is. Yes it is stupid but still it is the most pious feeling in the world. It is mutually exclusive. You are always wise enough to gauge the intensity of the love from your partner and if you don’t possess the same then announce the fact. Talk about it and give your reasons before it is too late. Before the person is broken beyond repairs. If you cannot reciprocate the same way then don’t spoil the idea of love for anyone. Because once that idea is dented the scars stay for the life. The person becomes wary and it becomes difficult to trust anyone who shows the bright and shiny world fill with love. There is one thing very straight, if you love someone you don’t destroy them.


The rate at which love grows and diminishes are not the same. It varies from person to person. But yes it doesn’t remain the same. While one could easily move on in life the other would be stuck for months or years. One might write multiple pages about it and one would just keep the memories within. There is no doubt on the existence but the question is on the level to which one destroys the idea of love for the other person. Long time back I had written

Would You Love If You Weren’t Loved Back!

and if I read it today I find it so vague. Because that one stupid hopeless romantic will always love you back even if you won’t. There will be no expression of it but it will always exist. While one was confused about it the other built an entire life around and life doesn’t vanishes in a day, a week, a month or even in years. So the love still exists but it is cautious now. Very very cautious. If you can relate yourself with either of the parties then its time you make and move and don’t spoil the idea of love for yourself or for your partners. We are not here for long let us make love and not war. 




  1. It’s a complex feeling. I feel only parent-child relation is selfless. Their love is selfless but vice-verse is not true in most cases. Love is a delicate topic and we must tread on it with heart, not head. This sentiment is so beautifully explained in your post.


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