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Warming Up To The Hospitality of The Singinawa Jungle Lodge

A lousy Sunday winter afternoon was brighten up with an invite to experience the hospitality of the Singinawa Jungle Lodge in Delhi. I really liked the idea of giving the sneak peek of the hospitality and wilderness in advance. To begin with Singinawa Jungle Lodge is a property in Kanha, Madhya Pradesh and this warming up event was to give a hang of the property and its services. Isn’t that a great way of introducing a venture to a bigger audience.

Singinawa Jungle Lodge is the brainchild of Mrs. Tulika Kedia who is also the Managing Director of Singinawa Jungle Lodge. The event was all about replicating the services and food that will be offered in Singinawa Jungle Lodge in Kanha, Madhya Pradesh. I am not a foodie but their elaborate palette of wine and food looked sumptuous. I tried the mulled wine and totally loved it. I could go to Singhinawa just for their wine.

Wine used for preparing Mulled Wine

There was an interactive session with Singhinawa senior Naturalist, David Raju and Surya Ramachandaran. They talked about their experience with the safari and umpteen varieties of wildlife that they had come across as a naturalist. I interacted with Surya Ramachandaran and he had numerous fun stories to share. Safaris are much more than just Tigers, that is something I had already established during my last visit to Madhya Pradesh and it was confirmed by these experienced naturalist. Apart from enriching interactions and good food there were some fun activities like pottery and Live Gond Art as well.

Naturalist David Raju sharing his wildlife experience
Paintings for auction

A little about The Singinawa Jungle lodge

The Singinawa Jungle lodge Located on close to 110 acres of land, in the Tiger Heartland of India, offers a unique luxury experience of the forests of Central India. The Lodge offers a chance to not only learn about the tiger and its habitat but also experience ecologically responsible tourism & see conservation at work benefiting both local communities and the Tiger Reserve. Trained naturalists take you on safari in customized 4×4 vehicles to offer an insight into the unique ecosystem of the park where animals like the highly endangered Swamp Deer, Dhole, Gaur, Tiger and a whole host of birds may be seen. Back from safari, you can savor a choice of cuisines, relax at the spa, go for a bicycle ride into the nearby tribal village, visit the model organic farm or even take a walk on the land to see how degraded land has been protected and natural grasslands & forests allowed to regenerate. Guests can retire in 12 secluded and luxurious Stone & Slate cottages, or experience the Jungle Bungalow living at The Perch – A four bed room avi-fauna themed accommodation. The lodge offers 12 luxury cottages in an area of 55 acres along with rich grasslands, plenty of water holes, river & dense forest area. Each cottage is tastefully designed to keep all comforts in mind. 

Credits: Singinawa Jungle lodge
Credits: Singinawa Jungle lodge
Credits: Singinawa Jungle lodge
Credits: Singinawa Jungle lodge

The Kanha museum of The Singinawa Jungle Lodge

The Kanha museum, housed in The Singinawa Jungle Lodge is curated by renowned art historian and curator and recipient of the Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres from the French government, Dr. Alka Pande. The museum offers tourists an opportunity to soak in the indigenous culture of the Gond, Bhil and the Baiga communities, through an aesthetic experience.

The Kanha National Park

The Kanha National Park located in the madla/ balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh is the finest tiger reserve of India. The lush sal and bamboo forests, grassy meadows and ravines of Kanha provided inspiration to Rudyard Kipling for his famous novel “Jungle Book” has the alluring features to captivate many visitors round the corners out of which the varieties of wild lives make the whole environs more blissful. The tropical central highlands of this arena make a perfect habitat for the splendors of wild animals. Kanha National Park is the host of the major animals including the Barasingha or swamp deer, Indian wild dog and the most famed the India Tiger. This park is mostly renowned as the “Tiger Reserve” due to the significant amount of population of tigers in the Kanha land. Apart from that the most famed Barasingha can be found in abundance in this reserve and thus this species can be suitable called as the “jewel of Kanha National Park”.

Accessibility: The national park lies in Central India 160 km from Jabalpur (nearest railhead and airport), 213 km from Raipur, and 270 km from Nagpur. There are regular 1 hour flights from all the major cities of India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa) into Jabalpur, Raipur and Nagpur. Guests and private groups can also make Charter flight bookings to Birwa airstrip (8 kms from the lodge) from all major airports of India.

Activities and facilities at The Singinawa Jungle Lodge

Jungle Safaris, Singinawa experiences, a free form swimming pool overlooking grasslands and rock features, a fully stocked International Bar at the only resort that holds a Bar license in the region, a Spa with Indian & Oriental treatments for holistic healing, In-house library with a huge collection of Wild-life books, 7-8 different dining spaces in the open air as well as inside the main lodge.

Credits: Singinawa Jungle lodge
Credits: Singinawa Jungle lodge
Credits: Singinawa Jungle lodge

To know more about Singinawa Jungle Lodge visit their official website here.





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