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A Sojourn Into God’s Own Country !

Waking up to chirping birds and sound of water stream would be a perfect dream come true. For there is not better way towards tranquility than soaking into natural delights. I couldn’t help but thank my stars for they have given me everything that I have ever longed for. A sudden grip around my waist transported me to reality from my dreams. I looked back and it was the perfect sight. The slim and long coconut trees in the background and the slowly moving house boat and my favorite person in the world, could I get any luckier.

Shook myself out of my labyrinth of thoughts and started the day with a long hug. Before we could plan or think anything else a good-looking buffet of breakfast was waiting for us. We ate like there was no tomorrow. Every now and then we both stopped and just looked around and wondered what we have done to be so fortunate to see such wonderful scenery. We looked at each other and smiled.

As the boat moved ahead we moved ahead in life. Nature is such a teacher. At times it inspires you to chase your dreams without wasting a single second and at times it makes you understand that things take their own time to build up and grow. It makes you a more humble person and you tend to appreciate little things in life. Such is the beauty and power of nature and travel. We looked back at water ripples and realized how beautiful life is and how blessed are we to live in such a beautiful country. May this dreamy affair never ends and we keep ushering and unfolding new horizons at every turn of life.

PS: This story is written as a part of #DreamTrail project of Club Mahindra. This was originally published at




  1. You are so right, we have such a beautiful country! And we must spend more time soaking in that and not give space to negativity! I find peace and spirituality in such happy travels…


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