If Your Partner Is NEVER Jealous, You Should Be Worried

Jealousy is an honest human emotion. Just like love, care, affection, anger and other various emotions jealousy is also consistent in its existence. It is there in everyone, maybe some wear it on their sleeves and some hide in beneath multiple layers. Jealousy surfaces in all kind of relationships but it is predominantly talked about when the nature of relationship is romantic.

Love is complicated, we all know that and jealousy also adds to the complication. But at the same time its existence speaks volume about the health of the relationship. Don’t counter me by saying “jealousy only sweeps in when you haven’t reached a certain comfort place in your relationship”, because then I will counter back saying “It is totally bullshit”. Do you consider a marriage to be the comfort state for a couple ? I hope you said yes, then even they get jealous at times. Jealousy is different from possessiveness and while the former is always there (varying intensity) the latter generally declines with the maturity of the relationship.

Existence of jealousy is very much synonymous to the existence of salt/spice in your food, too little of it will makes the food bland and too much of it will make is unbearable. Exactly the same works for jealousy. It is in abundance during the nascent stage of the relationship but at the relationship matures it doesn’t loses the grip. While at times it could get your partner’s goat but jealousy is a sign of a healthy relationship. Being safe, secure and comfortable in your relationship has nothing to do with your jealousy quotient. Spouses tend to feel jealous even after being comfortably married for years and I believe it brings a tangy flavor to the relationship.

My take on jealousy 

My take on jealousy is plain and simple, it is there and it will always be, deal with it. Because darling the day that emotion has drained out from me know that you aren’t loved anymore. I am the quintessential  (typical) girlfriend from some other planet who wants her man all by herself. I feel jealous when my guy talks to or talks about another girl a little more than usual, be it just a friend or a colleague unless she is a Victoria Secret model because I know she is way out of his league. I get jitters when he spent more time with his colleagues than me, I have been in an “importance” competition with FIFA and Cricket matches since forever. Even if I know very well the relationship is harmless (friends and colleagues) but the jealousy still clouds my judgement. I might sound naive and stupid here but when it comes to my man I am more territorial than other girls.

My sole discretion about jealousy is that its existence is a proof of abundance of love. If you see your partner always being okay with your frequent interactions with your female/male colleagues then don’t be too happy. There are very high chances that the relationship is losing the grip. And these signs are the warning signals to start saving your relationship. The relationship is never at a comfort/secure stage that one never feels jealous.

I am a jealous girlfriend and that’s how it should be

If I love my man and I want him I will feel jealous about various big and small aspects associated with him. And if I am not I am just pretending to be the most understanding girlfriend (which doesn’t exists in the first place) so that I can eventually will let go of him. Jealousy in a romantic relationship is as important as love, care, trust, respect and compatibility. Its existence should never be belittled and never be linked to the maturity and longevity of the relationship.

Have you ever been jealous in any of your relationships? Would love to know if I am not alone in this one.




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