UDAN : Ude Desh ka Aam Anagrik 

Air services shouldn’t be just for the elite class, with this idea PM Narendra Modi launched the Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik (UDAN) scheme. UDAN is a regional connectivity scheme which connects New Delhi and Shilma through air on subsidized fare. PM Narendra Modi flagged off the first Shimla-Delhi flight from Jubbar Hatti airport near Shimla on Thursday 27th April 2017. Along with Delhi-Shimla PM also inaugurated UDAN flight on Nanded-Hyderabad and Kadapa-Hyderabad sectors through video conferencing.

What you need to know about UDAN

  • Allied Services which is a subsidiary of Air India will be the carrier between Delhi and Shimla.
  • The ATR aircraft will not fly with its full capacity. On Shimla-Delhi route 15 out of 70 and on Delhi-Shimla route 35 out of 70 seats will be filled.
  • Allied Services (subsidiary of Air India) is bound to sell 50% of the seats at the subsided rate which would make the one way journey cost as low as Rs.1920. For the rest 50 % of seats the prices can go up to Rs.20000 for one way journey.
  • TruJet (powered by Turbo Megha) will be the carrier for the Kadapa-Hyderabad and Nanded-Hyderbad flights.
  • The one way ticket for Kadapa-Hyderabad and Nanded-Hyderbad flight are priced at Rs.1000 minimum.
  • Under UDAN, the regional connectivity scheme there would be five airlines operating over 128 routes. The fares for one hour flights have a cap of Rs.2500.
Credits: www.financialexpress.com
  • The major airlines under UDAN are Allied Services (subsidy of Air India), Air Deccan, SpiceJet, Air Odisha and Turbo Megha.
  • The flights under UDAN and Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) would connect airports sprawling across 20 states and union territories which includes Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.
  • More than 45 under-served and unserved airports to be connected under the UDAN and Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS). A few prominent names are Bhatinda, Puducherry, Bilaspur, Neyveli, Cooch Behar, Nanded, Kadapa and Shimla.

UDAN: A progressive Step 

The main aim of UDAN is to increase growth in travel and tourism industry. The scheme also aims at providing affordable air fare to people of tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Now you don’t have to procrastinate your Shimla trip anymore. Generally time saving comes with a price but UDAN Scheme saves time in the most economical way.




  1. This is such an informative post. Thanks for sharing about it 🙂 . By the way i love your blog and the over all layout . Would love to stay connected

    Neha (Sharing Our Experiences)

  2. Considering that India is one of the countries where the aviation sector is growing the fastest, this is surely a fantastic move. Though time will tell how good or bad it turns out to be financially.


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