I am a sucker for good television shows. Specially the ones which revolves around politics, terrorism, suspense, thriller and national security. And suddenly why am I mentioning about this, it is because I am going to talk about the brand new episode of House of Cards. House of Cards is one of my favorite shows on television and I have been eagerly waiting for the new episode. Now that it has aired I am going to spill some beans around the episode. I will try and make it spoiler free so if you haven’t watched it yet read ahead without worrying even a bit.

House of Cards is here

A little about House of Cards

If House of Cards doesn’t ring any bell in your head let me give a background story first. The story majorly revolves around the Underwood couple. Francis Underwood is a vigorous president and his wife Claire Underwood is the first lady and an UN Ambassador too. These two protagonist showcase an empowering couple on screen. They make each other powerful and stand by each other in thick and thins. However having said all this their relationship is open in nature, they are allowed to date whoever they want. Both of them are pretty okay with this kind of arrangement. From outside it looks perfect but like they say all that glitters is not gold.

The plot of House of Cards lingers around national security and political power. The citizens of the county are living under the constant threat of terrorism. Certain act of ICO (Islamic Caliphate Organisation) ensues mass commotion among the citizens of the country. The terrorist takes an American family as hostage and beheads one of the family members, Jim Miller. The whole country is scared to even step put of their houses. While the most wanted terrorist was the highlight of the country Frank was taking all necessary steps to ensures his presidency for the next term as well. Claire is also running for Vice President.

House of Cards also features another important character, Will Conway. Will Conway is also running for the president’s position. He would do anything under the sun to throw Underwoods out of the game. The nation wants the culprit of Jim Miller’s assassination to be punished, the only stroke for Frank here is to capture the terrorist and instill trust and confidence in the citizens again. Now the point is will he be able to do that ? Will he be able to defeat Conway and continue his terms. The episode leave you high and dry and you cannot help but cogitate over all possibilities.

House of Cards, Season 5 is here

House of Cards Season 5 

The first episode of Season 5 starts with the senate debate. The beheading of Miller family member has shaken citizen’s trust in Underwood but he refuses to give up. On the other side Conway is getting he gears up to charge in full throttle. The first lady is acting smart and all her statements are very aptly articulated to ensure peace and harmony.

At the funeral of Jim Miller the President and the First lady expressed their condolences but that doesn’t eases the pain of Miller family. The Miller family is furious, the teenage daughter of the family said some nasty things in Frank’s ears. You have to watch the episode to know the words because they are quite crucial to the plot.

The leading newspaper of the country is leaving no stones unturned in spreading hatred for the president. The citizens of the country have questions about their safety and justice for the bereaved family but none of them aren’t answered by the government. Amid all this Will’s wife did something out of the way as she wants the whole mayhem to end. I wonder if Will Conway would appreciate her efforts but that’s another point altogether.

This pilot episode of Season 5 of House of Cards will keep you at the edge. The nail-biting episode races around various aspects of the plot. The anger in the citizens, the furore of Miller family, the changes in visa rules, the continuous outrage of the news paper, attack on Claire and the continuous unrest in the White House. Will America be safe again, Frank triumph over Will, justice prevail in the country ?

Want to know the answers?

House of Cards In India

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  1. I love the TV shows but don’t usually have the time. You did make it edgy for me and I was reading pretty fast and liked the thrill with your words. You must write more on TV series


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