You know Mirzaya, People talk about love and light all the time. I used to do it as well but it is now when I have realized what it actually means. I now understand what it means when someone says that they carry their love with themselves. In their things to do, in the way they talk, in the way they do the most mundane things of their everyday lives. I now understand what it is to see your love in everything around you because now I see you too.

You might laugh at my naiveness but at the end of every hectic day I do see you by my side and that’s when I pour my heart out to you. I see how you gently smile and listen to me patiently for the whole time. I know you could do that for the whole night as well.

Do you know Mirzaya that smile of yours from the curves of your lips, you should do it more often you know why because that smile can stop all the crimes of the world and make this world a better place for the whole humanity.

Every time there is a mention of light you are the first person that comes to my mind body heart and soul. Like the Sunlight you are strong enough to brighten up my life and like the moonlight you are soft and gentle to glisten up all of me with the hues of blue. No wonder you are the Sun Moon and every other source of light in my life.

Till we meet again Mirzaya I will embrace all of these lights because they are synonymous to you, they are you.





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