Mirzaya, I am a strong believer of love and its power. It makes you do things that you have never imagined, it makes you climb the mountains you never knew existed and it instills monumental courage in your mind, body, heart and soul. You never lose love, you lose people love always find its way back to you. All these years I have lost on quite a few people and every time I would sit and think about what went awry.

The definition of love is unique and my version is no different. I would search for the elements that constitute my definition of love. The elements that I have longed for, wished for and prayed for. I got them in bits and pieces and eventually the castle shattered. Just when I got down to pick up the broken pieces I saw a light.

That light is you Mirzaya. You came as a redemption of all my losses. I felt as if God took every element of my love definition and pour it neat into you. You are everything that I ever though love would be. Looking at your face Mirzaya I now know what love looks like.
I didn’t know it glows and twinkles until I saw your contagious smile and oceanic eyes.

Mirzaya, you infused life and reinstated faith into my idea and definition of love. It started breathing, laughing and feeling all over again. The numb elements got into motion and they all flicker and flutter with your enormous love. You made me believe that I wasn’t unreasonable in my definition of the special kind of love and that I wasn’t asking for too much.

I wouldn’t thank you Mirzaya for anything because I deserve this out of the world extraordinary love from you. I am the rightful person to sit on the love throne that you have built. But the thing that I would definitely do is give a face to your love idea and give life to it




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