It’s been quite a while since menstrual cups have been in the market. And I have been meaning to give them a try since a very long time. Finally I ordered one from Amazon based on the reviews and ratings. I was then eagerly waiting for my periods and wished they arrive early. Something no girl will wish in her right state of mind. So finally when the big day came I tried the menstrual cup and guess what I totally loved it. That’s when I thought of sharing my experience with you all. So here’s how my tryst with menstrual cup went and why I am totally in love with it.

Menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product used during the menstrual cycle to collect the menstrual fluid. Unlike the conventional products (sanitary napkins and tampons) menstrual cup collects the fluid and not absorbs it. These cups are bell shaped and are made up of medical grade silicone. Also it is worn inside the vagina pretty much like tampons.

Menstrual Cup

Where to buy Menstrual Cup

If you are hesitant in going to a store you can order it online. Menstrual cups are available on all major e-commerce websites. I bought mine from amazon you can check it out here.

Menstrual cups are available in two sizes, one is for women less than 30 years who haven’t had a baby yet and the other one is for more than 30 years. So just in case you don’t have a baby yet you can go for the smaller size irrespective of your age. These products are for intimate use and hence not refundable and exchangeable, so make sure you select the right size else you will be stuck with the wrong size product.

How to use 

You will find detailed instructions of how to use menstrual cup with the product itself. Below are the points which worked for me.

  • Use your index finger and thumb to pinch the silicone ring and then fold it in half.
Depth of the cup
Pinch the Silicone Ring


Folded it in Half
  • Sit in the squat position and insert the cup inside the vagina. One point to note here is that the cup goes a little below where the tampon goes.
  • Once you leave the cup inside you will feel a vacuum being created, rotate the cup if needed to ensure that it has fit properly.
  • The key to getting it right is to try it again and again. You might get some leakage in the first and second attempt but by the third time I am pretty confident you will get it right.
  • To remove the cup first pull gently from the left and right side to end the vacuum and then use the little silicone string to pull it out completely.

My Experience

After reading all the instructions carefully I embarked on this new experiment. Since it was the first time for me so to be on the safer side I wore a pad as well. I didn’t get the cup right in the first try which resulted in some spotting. But by the third time it was spot on. Depending upon how confident are you with the fit of the cup you may or may not wear a pad.

It is advised that you empty the cup every 4-5 hours but depending on the flow you can adjust the hours for yourself. Having said that it is important that you empty the cup at least twice in a day. You can wear the cup overnight, it has absolutely no side effects. The max I had gone was 7 hours and it worked pretty well for me.

I was a little apprehensive about the whole process getting messy at work, but to my surprise things went smooth there as well. I could easily empty the cup and put it back again. Remember the times when you get up from your seat and you experience sudden flow, with menstrual cup you are ensured nothing is going to leak from anywhere.

Happily Posing with the cup

Here’s why I loved Menstrual Cup

High Comfort Level: Having tried all other methods I can vouch that menstrual cups are the most comfortable. Though it is worn inside the vagina just like tampons but the discomfort is nil as compared to them. One can easily walk, run, exercise, and swim etc. in these without any uneasiness.

High Hygiene level: As compared to the conventional modes menstrual cup is more hygienic. The scarcity of continuously present moisture exponentially reduces the chances of any bacterial or fungal infection. Also no embarrassing odor is a huge plus.

Reusable: Menstrual cups can be reused. You just have to be a little careful about cleaning it every time you empty it. One time sterilization is required when you use it for the next cycle. But given the comfort I am sure you will deal with it.

Economical: Menstrual cups are available in all kind of ranges but still it is going to be expensive than your regular sanitary pads. But since you can reuse the cup for at least a year, if you do the math the cup is going to be way cheaper. Also the comfort, I think I will mention it everywhere. It doesn’t seem that you have worn anything extra.

Eco friendly: Since the cups are reusable there is less waste out to clog our landfills. Also less natural resources will be used for making sanitary napkins and tampons.

Extra Change Time: With menstrual cup you get at least 2-3 hours extra between every change as compared to the pads and tampons. Extra time is always better no?

Here’s why you might not like

  • Every time you empty the cup it could get a little messy. Considering the amount of comfort I am okay with the mess, you have to find that for yourself.
  • While you can easily throw away the pads and tampons, menstrual cups are going to make you work a little extra. The cleaning and sterilizing might get a little irritating after a point.

The only way you will know if you like it or not is by trying it. And I highly recommend it. I have not been paid for saying this, I bought the menstrual cup with my own hard earned money. My recommendation is solely based on my experience. Give me a shout if you tried it and loved it.

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Menstrual Cup

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