The clouds were this close to me, I could feel them on my face. I walked closer to the edge to feel the intensity. Watching my foot every step so that I don’t tumble, the moment I raised my eyes I saw these two hand in hand. The guy kept looking back and checking on her. You know Mirzaya, that’s the thing with you too, checking on me all the time.

Mirzaya we are yet to take out the first trip together.
Mirzaya The places we will go

Yet to create our stories inundated with love laughter and sunsets. At times I sit and try to picture our trip together and get really stuck in deciding the location. You have seen better mountains than me, been to the most glistening deserts, slept under the starry sky and ventured the remotest part of the country. How could I show you anything that will blow your mind and make you say “this is incredible, how did you do this, where did you find it” and all other exclamatory responses.
I am still searching and keep searching unless I find a place worthy of your presence. I am still not privy to the most coveted destination and hence the search is on. The day I find one, you and I are going there, hand in hand, smile in smile and come back with a bagful of stories. Until that time comes I am going to keep the search on.

A little bit about Mirzaya.




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