I woke up to some quintessential South Indian melody. The alarm was yet to go off and me getting up before that doesn’t happen that often. Following the music, I opened the door that leads me to the balcony. It was way before the sunrise and I could see upset shades of blue and pink hues playing the charade with the clouds. It was too early for so many people to be on the streets but when in Kanyakumari Sunrise is something you cannot afford to miss. I took just a few minutes to put my affairs in order and I was out of the hotel to witness the most magical sunrise of my life. Apparently, there is a sunrise spot in Kanyakumari which boasts the best view and I didn’t have to try hard to locate it because in that ungodly hour I could see bunch and bunch of people going in one direction. I followed them without giving a second thought.

Walking through the cobbled street lined with closed shops, I could feel the cool breeze on my face. There was a calmness in that chaos. My hotel was located very close to all the major attractions of Kanyakumari and thus it took me just a few minutes to reach the sunrise spot. Suddenly the bunch of people multiplied by a huge number and I found myself making some space to stand in that enormous pool of people. Everyone wants the best view and the best spot nobody wants to settle for anything less than the best. Even if it means pushing around, getting into slandering and even into a brawl. Something that I have never understood. I held my spot ignoring all the drama and kept gazing at the unorganized mass of clouds.

Just the moment when I reached the sunrise spot at Kanyakumari

The statues started getting clear

The silhouette of Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue kept changing shades with hide of seek of sunrays. One of the features that surface while watching the sunrise is patience. It was way beyond the sunrise time and yet I didn’t move an inch and kept looking for those unadulterated sun rays. My fleeting thoughts got some rest when the clouds started glaring with the golden glow. The sky colour changed to orange and the water beneath started glistening. The intensity started growing and the streaks of orange changed into stronger and bolder version. The golden hour was soon out in its full glory, allowing the world to start with their everyday routine. While I am a sunset chaser, sunrise was an equally elating experience.

Sunrise isn’t far now
Sunrise at full bloom at Kanyakumari

There are few experiences which tend to change something within you. You don’t really know what it is, you can’t point it out but you can feel it. Only your within can feel it happening and that morning did something similar to me. While I was walking back to my hotel, suddenly I found myself engrossed into gyres of thoughts. Even the sunrise, which is such a daily phenomenon can be so unpredictable. You know it’s going to happen but when and how are the factors which are always variable. The arrangement of clouds are different, the colours of hues are different though the same sun eventually comes out of it. The element of surprise makes the most mundane thing so sought after. Life is also like sunrises, full of surprises and changes and yet the basics and fundamentals are the same.

I plant to write about Kanyakumari in length but the sunrise bit is way too special. So just to maintain the exclusivity and give my special attention, this one talks about everything that I saw and felt during the magical sunrise in Kanyakumari.

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  1. I still haven’t been to Kanyakumari and people have been telling me to visit just for the sunrise. Your post makes me want to visit this place soon. Thank for sharing


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