We haven’t had any conversation since a very very long time but I know you hear me. I have a clandestine deal with all the elements of nature and I know they have been carrying my messages to you without fail. Because unlike people they never turn their back when you are in need of help.

Mirzaya by the beach

Mirzaya, I am on a beach and the waves are roaring and it reminded me of our long walk along the beach. It is too cloudy to spot a Sunset but it reminded me of how you ensured that no matter what I shouldn’t miss the sunset. I wonder why it is too gloomy, is it actually the weather or is it the sparsity of my own personal sunshine.

My slippers are wet and filled with sand but unlike the last time, I am not complaining, only because there isn’t anyone to complain and blurt out. Remember how I nagged until I got my feet cleaned up last time.

Mirzaya, for the world there are only five elements on this earth but for me, there is a plus one.

There are no prizes to guess the plus one as it’s you. You are the plus one that gives sense to everything around. You are my sixth element which balances all the other ones. Just like one wrong move destroys the whole play, the ebb and flow of this element makes or breaks the whole equilibrium of my life. I can possibly never understand how you strike that balance and guess I will never know.

Mirzaya, I never tried to learn that trick from you because something tells me that you are always going to be around to play that role. And unlike all the other aspects of life, for this one, I would like to depend on you.

Smiles at the beach

Mirzaya, if you can hear me, just smile. I know you will understand every word that I wrote and also the numerous emotions that could never be put into words.
Mirzaya, did you know that the world has enough beaches and mountains that we are never going to run out of choices. You can have your favourites and I can have mine and I know they are going to be same.

A little bit of Mirzaya




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