Why Royal Enfield holds a special place in my story of romance

I have never been a two-wheeler person until I saw the black beauty Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500cc. My tryst with Royal Enfield is special for many reasons. The most important one being the memorable time spent with the love of my life. Back then the relationship was in the nascent stage and just a sight of the boy used to give me butterflies in the stomach. It was during that time he bought Royal Enfield Thunderbird. Needless to say, in no time it became our constant companion. From sitting at a distance at the pillion seat to placing my hands on his shoulders to wrapping my arms around his waist, our beloved Royal Enfield has seen the relationship getting intense and matured. It has been a partner in crime in all our milestones.

Royal Enfield and the boy

The mere mention of Royal Enfield hurls out so many memories. I can’t help but smile thinking of the day when he drove to Noida all the way from Alwar just to meet me for a few minutes. I have always been averse to the idea of long rides on a bike mainly because long bike rides tires the person inside out. But he would always refute me saying, “Had it been any other bike I would have never ridden but this baby (pats the shiny seat twice) cruises like a hot knife on butter”. My prodding stopped after our first long ride. The pillion seat was comfortable beyond my expectations.

What makes Royal Enfield different

I have had the opportunity to ride on few fancy sports bikes and their pillion seats were very uncomfortable. For some reason, I always feared to fall every time the bike took a jerk. I was expecting a similar experience but I was amazed to settle nicely and securely in the pillion seat. The backrest of Royal Enfield ensures that you have all the support you need to enjoy the ride and not continuously wonder when and how you are going to hit your head. The efficient shock absorbers know how to deal with the Indian roads without giving you bumps. The ergonomically positioned handlebars ensured that the ride is balanced and without any hiccups.

If you are wondering how I even know these jargons, then be ready to be amused. There have been times when we have just sat and discussed how efficient the bike is throughout the date. I have heard countless edifying tales around the legacy of Royal Enfield. How Royal Enfield holds a special place in the annals of India’s motorcycling history and that it is the oldest brands in existence in the world. Not just this, Royal Enfield is the reason behind the birth of the concept of leisure motorcycling in India. The boy serves in the forces and his job makes him travel through tough terrains. The sturdiness and simple mechanics of the bikes make it capable enough to be ridden anywhere and everywhere.

Every time I sit and ruminate over our journey, Royal Enfield always finds a significant mention.

I wouldn’t be surprised to know that the boy loves his bike a little more than he loves me. For some reason, I have always preferred cars over bikes. It gives me a better sense of security and comfort but Thunderbird changed this notion and how. I wish to take more road trips with Royal Enfield and make more memories with the boy.


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