Don’t spoil the idea of love for anyone

Don’t spoil the idea of love for anyone The debate of choosing heart over mind and vice versa is never-ending. What works out for one is a fiasco for another. You have to choose for...

I Did an Elephant Ride and I am Not Doing it Ever Again, Here’s...

Elephant Ride in Munnar  A recent visit to Munnar marked my debut with God's own country Kerala. It was a short trip and I had very little time to go around and explore the scenic...

Close Yet So Far

I could sense your breath, I could feel your touch. But still you were far far away, It was like. You behind a glass door.

How My Work Has Added to My Travel Experiences

Going by the numbers published on a popular professional social media site, 80% of the people don’t enjoy their jobs. There are many who even hates it to the core. I guess I belong...

ONE Ticket Please

One ticket, she said. Shock, amazement and surprise came first. The ticket later.   “If you have liked reading the post please feel free to subscribe by email and like it or share it with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Google+“

Friendship Goals, Standing Strong Since 1998

It all started in 1998 and who knew it would last this long. Really this long. We were not even in the same class. But we got together somehow and since then it has...

Learning Life Lessons

30 ml of Teacher's taught her life lessons that no teacher could.

My Favorite Memory !

There are no regrets, but from the list of mistakes, you are my most favorite.

How I Look At My Memories

I looked back at my memories, Just like a soldier, looks at his scars.

To a Friend who Isn’t a Friend Anymore

To a friend who isn’t a friend anymore Today is Friendships Day and there is so much buzz around the same everywhere. I generally don’t believe in these Archies curated days. But they come as...