They say that people forget everything but they never forget how you made them feel. This is the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the below video.

To know more about it do visit  #BringBackTheTouch. This takes me back to the times when I was having a tough time with my life and was trying to pace up in order to be in line with everybody else. I had almost started living like a machine who knew exactly where to start and where to finish. Weekends were the only time when my body could rest a little but then it came with its own pending errands to run. I never realized that my life has taken this turn until my friend caught hold of me.

The other day I was juggling with many documents, I was trying to find something and even after an extensive search I couldn’t find it. Out of frustration I threw everything on the floor and started crying. In no time my friend came in and she made me sit on a chair. She got a glass of water and asked me to take deep breaths. I was already annoyed and wasn’t appreciating his kind gestures much.

I had a sip of water and then she held my hands and asked me to relax. I immediately said I have no time to relax I need to find that document and then I have some work to finish as well. She went a little bossy with her raised voice and asked me to sit down again. I got a little shocked as she has never been like this with me before, but without taking any chances I sat back right there. She again held my hands and said take it easy, it is alright. Cut some slack on yourself. You don’t have to all correct in everything. Allow yourself to act like a human not a machine.

I was all quite and I calmed down. I remember she took my left hand in her hands and said “Just calm down, take it one by one”. She didn’t say something out of the world or she didn’t instill some wisdom in me that never knew before but it was her touch which made me realize many things. There is a reason why a tight hug makes you forget all your worries, a pat on your back makes you high, a gentle brushing on your arms makes you feel protected. The reason is nothing else but the human touch and warmth, a assurance that someone is there makes you do wonders in your life.

This post was written as a part of Bring Back the Touch for Indibloggers.





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