The Story of Gautam Buddha Statue Installation in Hussain Sagar Lake

Brushing through the heavy crowd and an insanely long queue I finally made my way inside the Lumbini Park. Nostalgia rushed in from all...

The Regal Chowmahalla Palace

A lousy Saturday evening turned into an interesting one the moment I decided to pay a visit to Chowmahalla Palace. Having a little idea...

Things to do in Hampi

I have posted about Hampi and its nearby attractions in length on Instagram and Twitter. Yet every time I refer to Hampi for something...

Glorious Golconda Fort

Things Going Wrong in Hampi

A Day at Hampi Island


Indians At Madame Tussauds London !

As much as I was amazed inside Madame Tussauds I was very very proud. Proud because there were so many Indians whose statues were...

Postcards From London !


Review of Passport Cover from Urby

It has been quite long since my passport has seen the light of the day. The last it was in action was when I...

Editorial Muse

Mirzaya: The Details

Mirzaya, yesterday someone at work asked me about you, like the basic details and all. I told them as much as I could and...

Mirzaya: The Rains

Mirzaya : The Hope

Mirzaya : The Light


Let there be Air, Pure Air

At the very outset we need to accept that it exists. If you are wondering what then let me enlighten you by addressing the...