Employees to their family and friends:

“I won’t be back home in time, go live is scheduled in next week. Got lots of work to do”

“I cannot make it to the wedding, manager is not approving the leaves because of the go live scheduled during the same time.”

“I am working on weekends, go live has to go smooth.”

Bosses to their employees:

“We cannot give you vacation this month, we have the Go Live scheduled and hence a lot to complete in strict timelines.”

“You will have to come and work on weekends, Go Live is due in the next week. We have to double test everything.”

This is an everyday story for an IT professional. I often fail to explain this Go Live funda to my parents. They don’t understand it. My mother would often say “What is this Go Live ? Aren’t you already working on an up and running system ?” To this, most of the times I have no answer but I try and explain her in the best possible way that I can.

So what is this Go live ? How do I explain this to a layman ? I would explain Go Live by comparing it to a marriage ceremony. Just like a marriage is scheduled on a particular day, the Go Live is also set for a particular day. Just like we start preparing, rehearsing and arranging for a marriage months in advance, we start the testing, designing and coordination for a Go Live well in advance. Just like the days around marriage are hectic and boisterous, the days around Go Live are full of pressure and lots of work. Like your physical presence is must on the day of marriage similarly your physical/virtual existence is a mandate on the day of Go Live. Just like post marriage events are as important as marriage similarly post Go Live issues hold as much significance as the Go live.

I am not sure how well I have compared the Go Live with a marriage ceremony but I couldn’t think of anything else having such close similarities. What do you guys think ? Can you think of anything else which can be more closely related to a Go Live ? Do drop your comments if you have something else in your mind. Till then happy reading and happy blogging !




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