Some things which you will definitely find in an Indian Wedding.


I am back from a four day long wedding affair. Weddings are so much fun. Lots of colors, masti, dance and songs. When it ends it feels all silent and boring. Weddings are done differently all over India. The rituals vary from place to place. I got the opportunity to attend a Pahadi wedding ceremony, which was a first for me. The fact that it was one of my very close friends wedding made it much more fun filled and exciting. And now that I am back I can surely say it was worth every pain that I took to attend it.

The wedding rituals were different from what all I have witnessed till now in various marriages that have happened in my family. It was interesting and I tried my level best to be a part of all the ceremonies. No matter how different the wedding rites were but there are few things which are same in all the weddings. It doesn’t matter if it is a pompous Punjabji wedding or a simple Bangali wedding few things are just constants.

  • Unhappy and dissatisfied relatives: No matter how much you plan the stay, the food, the arrangements there would always be few relatives who would not be happy with it. You will often find them in the corners discussing some other weddings which was better than the current one. “The food at Mr. Agarwal’s wedding was way better than this” and a lot more like this. There will always be a couple of elderly people who would know better ways of doing the things than what your parents or you did. So if you ever expect an Indian wedding with all happy and satiated faces, it is never gonna happen. A wedding where everyone is happy and content is a myth.
Needs no caption.
Needs no caption.

  • Cute and energetic kids: In every wedding you can easily spot a bunch of hyper excited kids hopping from one place to another. There will be a super cute girl who will follow the bride everywhere she goes and along with her there would be a bunch of boys who will fight every now and then and make the calmer parts of the wedding all noisy and clamorous. But on the main wedding night you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. Their innocuousness and innocence just wins everyone’s heart and attention.

Aren't they just the cutest !
Aren’t they just the cutest !
  • Girl friends to do the last minute bits: The bride or the groom always has few friends who are made to work at the last moment. Basically they are the most trusted ones as they play an integral part in making the last minute decision. This last minute work mostly involve packing, decoration and other tits and bits but don’t underestimate the significance of what they do by the numbers. What they do brings articulation in the wedding and thus is of sky high importance.
We work hard and then we get yellow.
We work hard and then we get yellow.
  • Guy friend who do all the running:  The bride and the groom always have a huge group of guy friends who do all the running around, But there is always this one guy whose name is on everyone’s lips for almost everything. He is looked upon as the solution for any crisis situation. You forgot to pick one of the relatives from the airport, one uncle couldn’t find his room, someone please drop the bride at the saloon, why hasn’t the pandit arrived yet, the answer to all these problems and question is one phone call to that special person. It is very difficult to find such a person in your life, if you have one watch out for him. He is a rare.
Guys enjoying after doing all the hard work.
Guys enjoying after doing all the hard work.
  • An alcoholic uncle: How can I miss on that special uncle species who drink more than they can handle and then does all the dancing and the talking. This species might vary in shape and size but it sure to exist in every wedding. These uncles make you laugh with their lame moves and baseless discussions. When in front of this species you basically don’t understand how to conduct yourself, let it lose or behave sober.
Yes it makes you do weird things.
Yes it makes you do weird things.
  • The match making aunties: Right when you are dancing your heart out and doing the best moves of your life beware that you are being watched by the match making aunties. These aunties basically look at every pretty girl and handsome hunk in the wedding through the corner of their eyes (that’s why you don’t know that you are being watched) and then they run an internal scan in their brain and in no time they come up with a perfect match for almost everyone. How to know about these species and stay away from them? Just when you are summoned by any of the aunties and you are being asked “bete aap kaha se ho?” , this is your clue. Don’t think anything else, just run, run for your life. Make sure you don’t fall in their vision area in any of the remaining wedding rituals.

That is my list. I have given a really nice thought to this so that I don’t miss any of the significant varieties. What do you think ? Did I miss something ? Drop in your comments to let me know if I have overlooked anything,  I am sure we all have something to say here as we all have been to wedding.

Till then, keep blogging and keep reading.




  1. He he he oh yes.. I am sure you missed a few other things too.. like a uncle dancing with a glass on his head.. and if you are in a punjabi wedding then a car bar.. 🙂 and so on..

    But whatever weddings are a lovely ocassion.. ll that color and smiles and best is fooooooooooood 🙂 he he he

    • ha ha ha uncle dancing with a glass on his head was included in the alcoholic uncle list. Yes I didn’t mention the car bar, my bad.

      There is so much to mention that it was expected to miss on something. And yes wedding are so much fun.

  2. Hey ruby..lovely post.I do agree with u..if u r an Indian u r going to find almost all u have mentioned irrespective of regions and traditions. One thing I would like to add is those flattered moments between the bride’s younger sisters and the brothers of grooms and the friends of each party..:D hope to cross each other again and again


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