Shilparamam is the most popular weekend destination in Hyderabad. Located in Madhapur, right in the heart of the city, it is the cynosure and very hard to miss by every passerby. It is an art and craft village and sprawled across 65 acres of land. All kinds of recreational activities are conducted inside the park. The museums (rural and rock) inside the park showcases a scenic ambience of tradition and cultural heritage. Shilparamam hosts the majority of art and craft carnivals/celebrations. Currently, they are having a “Sarees of India” display going on. Shilparamam has been an instrumental aid in promoting the artisans and preserving Indian art and crafts.

Perched on the throne in the Sculpture Park
Shilparamam is one of the most loved hangout spots for all the locals.

Don’t have plans for the weekend and not in the mood to sit at home, so let us go to Shilparamam. Not just the museums, it also has an amphitheatre and indoor stadium where all the live performances are held. The venue for the majority of the live events in Hyderabad is Shilparamam. I really don’t have to stress more that it is one of those staple places that every local must have already been. The case is the same for me too, so there was no special reason for me to revisit Shilparamam. But I didn’t want to spend the Saturday sitting at home so I thought why not just relive the old memories and hence I zeroed in on Shilparamam.

Shilparamam is a familiar place and I rather knew what to expect. But I was surprised to see many new additions. At least I thought they were new but to my surprise, they weren’t. Looks like I missed a lot of attractions the last time I visited Shilparamam. One such interesting discovery is The Sculpture Park in Shilparamam. The first stop that you come across in Shilparamam is the rural village. It essentially gives you a glimpse of rural life. There are life sizes statues of men and women doing household chores. Generally, people walk back from the rural village as the sculpture park is a little ahead. But I had a lot of time to kill so I was sauntering around and that’s when I saw the huge signage which read “Sculpture Park”. The entrance is adorned appropriately to live up to the image of “Sculpture Park”

About The Sculpture Park in Shilparamam

With the wall all dolled up with automobile and electronic scraps, I was intrigued already.

Entranceof the Perched on the throne in the Sculpture Park
Interesting shapes at Sculpture Park
Posing at the entrance of Sculpture Park

I walked in and was immediately graced by huge metal installation posing like humans. I posed with them too.

Posing with the sculptures.

A little ahead and I see numerous animal/bird structures all made of junks and metal scraps. It is not just interesting but also bewildering to see how the scraps and junks have been placed so perfectly to look exactly like animals and birds.

Where junk comes into life
Guess what is this?
Just fishing around
Take another guess
Fighter Cock
Peacock loving

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I spent a lot of time walking through the park and exploring its nook and cranny so that I don’t miss any installation.

The Park expanse
Beautiful green Sculpture Park


Not just metal but the park also houses numerous concrete/sand structures as well. Each installation also bears the name of the person responsible for its existence. The below one is my favourite and rest all are encapsulated in the slideshow. I invite you on the virtual journey of the sculpture park.

Love on the rocks

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  1. Even though I’m staying in Hyderabad, I haven’t been to Shilparamam ever. And this post surely compels me to go there some time. Wonderful, insightful post and amazing photos.


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