When it comes to zeroing down on a city, without even blinking ‘Hyderabad’ comes to my mind. The city has given me an unforgettable experience. My love for Hyderabad is not hidden to anyone I have spoken about it many times. So when I heard about a zonal war going on wherein we have to speak about our favourite city with respect to few pointers how could I not come ahead and speak my heart out for Hyderabad. So here I am giving my vote to the south zone and the credit entirely goes to Hyderabad.

What drives Hyderabad?

A city is best known by its people and the hospitality that you experience during your stay. The people are there to stay and the experience is what you take back with yourself. The biggest driving force is the fact that the city allows you to enjoy your life and not just live it. Every single factor contributes for the it be it the weather, the transport system, job opportunities, traffic condition, cost of living and many more significant factors. The city is equipped with modern technology as well as deep and vast heritage history which make it apt in terms of everything. The fact that this city has something to offer to everyone makes it the most liveable city in India.

What designs Hyderabad?

What do we mean when we say “analyse a city by its design”, are we referring to its geographical design or its internal architecture or its technology spread or some other criteria altogether. I have my own comprehension for this. Hyderabad has balanced spread of culture, technology, heritage and history across the city and this fact conforms to the close knit design of the city. On one side you have the hep and the happening Jubilee Hills and Banjara hills and on the other side you have the heritage and historical Secunderabad. A good design has to be balanced and capable of satiating the emerging needs of technology. Hyderabad does it all.

What connects Hyderabad?

Whenever somebody says the word connect the first few things which come to my mind is telecommunication, social media and transportation. So much we owe to the mobile phones and internet. I am first going to highlight the pragmatic points here. Hyderabad is very well connected in terms of commutation, you have government buses running to and fro from almost all the locations in Hyderabad. When in dire need hiring an auto rickshaw will not drill a hole in your pocket. If you don’t believe me ask your friends who live in Bangalore. Yes I  do agree Hyderabad doesn’t boasts the metro services yet like NCR but at the same time it doesn’t have the crazy traffic as they do. Coming to the part that I like the most, people of Hyderabad are connected by heart. They care for you and don’t treat you like an outsider alien. The courteous behaviour, tameez, tehjeeb and the nawabi culture is in abundance here.

 Hyderabad has a great role in grooming me professionally and personally. I have learnt some of the hardest lessons and enjoyed the most coveted experiences there, so this city will always have a special place in my heart.

Have you been to Hyderabad? Which is your favourite city ?




  1. I loved the way you described Hyderabad, I have not read earlier posts by you related to the city but it sure looks interesting


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